EIS offers a professional school bus service for students throughout the school year. The safety and well-being of our students is our highest priority, and our drivers and bus monitors are trained thoroughly in all areas of child safety. 

For more information on our school bus service, please contact our Admissions team at: or (+84 28) 7300 7257


Ikoma Family
From Japan


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Tan Family
From Singapore

"Elijah attended a preschool in our previous country of posting and a kindergarten in HCMC. Although he was extremely well looked after by his 2 previous schools, trouble was he still could not read. We enrolled him into EIS and within a few months he came home, looked at the TV and said ‘Sony’."

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Sato Family
From Japan

できる優しい環境だと思います. And our son says EIS is the best school in the world, all teachers are
so lovely!!"

Fettke Family
From Germany

"My family has been part of this community for more than 3 years now and has seen so many positive changes in the school as it continues to grow and expand. What impresses me the most is the Open Door Policy which applies throughout from the teachers all the way up to the senior management."

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Manning Family
From New Zealand

"Our son Lucian is now in his second year at EIS, in Early Years, and loves it! EIS offers top quality education while maintaining a fantastic community feel."

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