Learning Resources Centre

The Learning Resources Centre (LRC) is the gateway of literacy and is a central hub of inquiry, collaboration and creation within the School community. Access to a wide range of resources increases learners' opportunities for choice, voice and empowerment. The LRC engages the community in various ways, including reading and literacy projects, organizing book fairs, author visits, parents' workshops and competitions to instill lifelong reading habits throughout our community. 

All students in Grade 3 and above are provided with a school-issued laptop, giving them access to a plenty of online and network resources. Even so, all students are encouraged to utilise the LRC as a key partner in the EIS learning cycle. 

We invite you to visit our LRC to discover the abundant resources, facilities and services it offers to EIS community. 


Ikoma Family
From Japan


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An Hyeon Jeong
Class of 2017

"We were always together. It was so fun and I was so happy with our Grade 12 friends. Everyone had helped me when I couldn’t catch up the conversation and class. I was very grateful to everyone. Every moment was precious."

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Kliegl Family
From Europe

"When I decided to write some comments about the European International School, I first thought that it would be the easiest task ever. I was wrong. It took me literally a month before being able to put into words my admiration and profound gratitude for this school. I couldn’t decide where to begin with."

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Fettke Family
From Germany

"My family has been part of this community for more than 3 years now and has seen so many positive changes in the school as it continues to grow and expand. What impresses me the most is the Open Door Policy which applies throughout from the teachers all the way up to the senior management."

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