School Life

At European International School Ho Chi Minh City (EIS), learning and personal growth continue long after the day’s lessons have ended. We aim to provide our students with opportunities to develop their natural talents, build confidence, practice a healthy lifestyle and expand their world view.

Week without walls

Learning Outside The Classroom (LOTC) 

The naturalist, David Polis, asked “must we always teach our children with books? Let them look at the mountains and the stars up above. Let them look at the beauty of the waters and the trees and flowers on earth. They will then begin to think, and to think is the beginning of a real education.”

Week Without Walls (WWW) is an experiential learning opportunity for students in Grades 3 - 11, that provides students with time away from the confines of the classroom, the opportunity to go beyond their books, go beyond their devices and go beyond the walls of school.

Students are provided with opportunities to apply the knowledge and skills acquired in lessons to real life situations. They are taken out of their familiar routines and comfort zones in order to extend their understanding of our world, and is an integral component in our desire to envise that all our students become Global Citizens. A service element is usually included in all of our trips which encourages and promotes our school values about caring for others. Students learn to take responsibility for themselves and others, and to become more independent.

The activities and events that take place during Week Without Walls are carefully planned to envise that desired outcomes are linked to the IB Learner Profile and the EIS Learning Principles.

When trips are cancelled for any reason (due to Covid-19 for example), every effort will be made to provide substitute day trips so that learning outside the classroom can still take place.

The week also allows students to build team spirit and to ensure positive relationships among students of different grade levels. The Week Without Walls is part of our normal curriculum. The activities and events that take place during Week Without Walls target the development of the students in an IB context by promoting several Learner Profile attributes, sharpening their Approaches to Learning Skills, and through multiple links to curriculum content.

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