School Life

At European International School Ho Chi Minh City (EIS), learning and personal growth continue long after the day’s lessons have ended. We aim to provide our students with opportunities to develop their natural talents, build confidence, practice a healthy lifestyle and expand their world view.


The European International School Ho Chi Minh City (EIS) Orcas Athletic Department offers high-quality sports programs with over 30 inter-school teams representing EIS in SISAC (Saigon International School Athletic Conference) competitions. EIS Orcas teams compete in Soccer, Volleyball, Swimming, Basketball, Badminton, Track and Field, and Cross Country competitions from the U11 level up to the U19 (varsity) level. Our teams regularly travel internationally to compete against the best in the region, most recently in Thailand and Cambodia.

We deliver a values-based athletics program based on the IB Learner Profile and the EIS Values that guides all Orcas to become successful student athletes, developing qualities that will serve them throughout their life: perseverance, collaboration, critical thinking, ethics, and a mastery orientation. Our sports community at EIS is burgeoning and is being led by both students and staff to develop inclusive, positive, and successful inter-school teams.

Community Voices