Primary Years Education (PYP)

Our international Primary School in Ho Chi Minh City provides the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) as a high-quality international curriculum. We offer 6 to 11-year-olds a wonderful transition from Kindergarten to primary education in a caring, supportive and enriching environment.

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Why Choose our Primary School in Ho Chi Minh?

Primary students are prepared for success from their first day at school. They learn in an exploratory environment that builds understanding through a comprehensive and engaging primary years curriculum inclusive of STEAM, the humanities, languages, and sports. As an Inspired school, children may also participate in exciting overseas summer camps and student exchanges.

Primary School Programme


While immersed in the IB Primary Years Programme, children in grades 1 to 5 thrive from year to year. Modern pedagogical methods are an essential aspect of a personalised approach to learning and ensure this robust international curriculum supports learner development across a broad spectrum of subjects.

Primary years language immersion

Primary Years Language Immersion

In Primary School, English is the main language of instruction; however, we value multilingualism and educators are committed to helping students acquire additional languages. As outlined by the IB philosophy, which seeks to develop global citizens, children benefit from a robust World Languages Programme and receive regular, in-depth linguistic tuition. 

Additional support is offered to students with English-speaking competency below the required level. Please note that the type and amount of supplementary support will be discussed with parents before enrolment.

Primary School Facilities European International School

Primary School Facilities

The Learning Resource Centre (LRC) offers an exciting gateway to knowledge. It is well-equipped with digital and physical resources, allowing children to explore their interests in-depth. Young learners are empowered to read independently when selecting magazines and novels to take home, and librarians are happy to help children locate specialist materials to supplement the primary syllabus. Teachers bring the primary years curriculum to life with regular library-based projects, book fairs, author visits, workshops and competitions, and parents are invited to enjoy these fun events with their children.

PYP stage teachers

Primary-stage Teachers

Primary School educators encourage students to exercise increased autonomy by applying their knowledge to new scenarios. Children are taught in small class sizes, and teachers balance independent study and teacher-led tasks with interactive, engaging activities. Children ask for guidance when needed, and as a result of the attentive approach fostered by primary years educators, young students gain the confidence to flourish inside and outside the classroom. Jo Roberts, Head of Early Years and Primary at EIS, describes the unique aspects of our Primary School. Discover how children achieve academic excellence in the video below.

Primary School Extra-Curricular Activities

At the Primary Years stage, young students can enjoy a wide variety of after-school activities (ASA). We offer a broad selection of athletic, cultural, and artistic clubs so that children in Grades 1 to 5 can hone their abilities, learn new skills, and make new friends in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

As part of our ASA programme, children may participate in the following:

  • "Never Get Bored" - Grades 1 - 2 - Enjoy hidden pictures, puzzles and cut-out images to create pop-ups, art projects, word games, and lots more, with hours of productive and enjoyable fun.
  • Comic Club - Grades 2 - 5 - Children create their own comic characters and bring them to life by drawing them.
  • EIS Journal - Grades 3 - 5 - Students create articles for the EIS newspaper and collect interesting pieces of information from around the school. As part of the construction process, they will take pictures, create drawings and write features. Children will also be involved in the printing and publishing of the paper.
  • Minecraft - Grades 4 - 5 - Students will work together to complete Minecraft buildings. This course aims to develop communication, teamwork, planning and critical-thinking skills.
  • Touch Typing Club - Grade 3 - 5 - Children improve their typing skills through games and interactive activities.


Early exposure to different social contexts gives young children the opportunity to participate in enjoyable exercises within a safe, familiar and supportive setting.

In addition to traditional sports practice, young students may also partake in:

primary school sports chess


primary school sports basketball


primary school sports athletics


The Arts

Our Primary School After-school Activities Programme includes art classes led by teaching staff. Clubs provide a range of benefits, including improved creativity, healthy self-expression, and enhanced problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. Learners may participate in the options below:

PYP arts doodling


Grades 1 - 3

Children use pencils to create interesting pictures and patterns.

Students dancing and jumping

Dance Club

Grades 1 & 2

Children have fun while listening to music and dancing.

PYP arts weaving club

Weaving club

Grades 3 - 5

Students learn how to weave. We use recycled materials, such as old T-shirts, plastic water bottles and styrofoam plates.

Students performing

Theatre Games

Grades 3 - 5

Children play typical theatre games that are rooted in improvisation and mime.

Additional Services for Primary Students


Students require a healthy diet to support their rapid physical and mental development. Our canteen, the Global Cafe, offers fresh and nutritious options and has served 10,000,000 meals since 1998. The cafe management team is a well-established partner of our international school community, providing delicious daily food options for every preference.

Bus Service:

A professional school bus service is available for students throughout the school year. Bus routes serve neighbourhoods close to our school, locales in Ho Chi Minh City centre and suburbs nearby. The safety and well-being of our students remain our highest priority, and our drivers and bus monitors are thoroughly trained in safeguarding procedures.

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Community Voices


Stevenson Family | FROM AUSTRALIA

When we moved to Vietnam from Australia, our daughter had been at a small, child centred school and it was important to find a good fit. The European International School was perfect with its warm, friendly village feel. As Sage was still young, seven at the time, a nurturing, creative and inclusive environment was essential to her well being. We found this at EIS and it has continued to be so, Sage is now in her fourth year. The Primary Years Program was also a big drawcard for us as it is an internationally available program that Sage can continue on with when we move home. Parent involvement is encouraged, whether it be as a class parent representative, member of the Parents Council, community events or in the classroom. We have always found our ideas, concerns and opinions can be voiced and heard. I love that Sage has had the opportunity to be exposed to different cultures both through fellow students, teachers and also learning a second language.

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