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EIS welcomes educators who share the values of our school community and wish to apply their international teaching experience. Our teachers are diligent and committed to every student. They also stay abreast of the latest pedagogical practices and work hard to maintain their knowledge by participating in regular professional training. At our school, teaching staff participate in International Baccalaureate curriculum workshops to keep them at the forefront of practices for the benefit of our students.

A core value of the school is sustained academic rigour; therefore, we recruit student-centred, experienced educators who are caring, creative, fun, and inventive. We invest in inter-school events and collaborative projects for staff so that they can share their expertise and explore new approaches to teaching and learning methods.

Leadership Team



John Veitch



John Veitch joined EIS in August 2020 following a long career in education, having held several administrative positions across Early Years, Primary, Middle, and High Schools. Most recently, John was appointed Deputy Head of School at a New Zealand Middle and High School. Prior to this post, he was the IB Diploma Coordinator at Shanghai American School, one of many international teaching positions in the Philippines and Thailand.

John is passionate about improving school systems and advocates initiatives that directly benefit students. He is committed to providing a learning environment where all students can reach their potential.
John holds a MA in Educational Administration. He enjoys sports and has coached several sportspeople to an elite level in Volleyball, Track and Field, and Rugby.


Jo Roberts



Jo has been teaching internationally for over 2 decades working in Taiwan, New Zealand, China and Vietnam. As an administrator for over 10 years, she is dedicated to ensuring that all students have the opportunity to reach their full potential and is passionate about inclusion and personalised learning.

Jo has been an integral part of the development of EIS and as such is strongly committed to the vision and mission of the school and to the community as a whole.

Jo is a keen swimmer and enjoys spending free time with her teenage daughter.


John Horsington



John Horsington joined EIS in August 2023. He has worked in IB schools for the past 30 years. During that time, he was an administrator for 14 years. His last position was Deputy Head of School in the United States. Before this position, he held the position of Deputy Head of Middle and High School in both Florida and Peru.

John is a IB Workshop Leader, Program Leader, and Program Reader and is a Team Leader for the internal assessment for Mathematics. He is an avid IB practitioner constantly looking to improve teaching and learning. John holds an MA in Education Administration from Michigan State University and an MEd in Secondary Education from Trenton State University.

He enjoys ballroom dancing with his wife and they have competed in Ballroom competitions.

Academic Team

Philippa Mancey

Early Years Coordinator

Cristy Neves

PYP Coordinator 

Erin Tacey

IB DP Coordinator

Aubrey Fowler

Wellness Coordinator

Kevin Alburo

HOD Physical Education and Activities Director

Anita Veitch

Support Services Coordinator

Uyen Ly Hoang Nguyen

School Counsellor

Myriam Harley

University Guidance and Counsellor

Milette Pagulayan

Early Years Homeroom teacher

Anita Sutton

Early Years Homeroom teacher

Pauline Lefevre

Early Years Homeroom teacher

Perchie Cullen

Early Years Homeroom teacher

Claire Mccarthy

Early Years Homeroom Teacher


Andrea Finta

Early Years Homeroom Teacher

Ellen Roberts

Primary Homeroom Teacher 

Hannah O’Connor

Primary Homeroom Teacher

Daria Shpitser

PYP, MYP & DP German Teacher

Kevin Pham

PYP, MYP Music Teacher

Jeong Seiyoung

PYP, MYP & DP Korean teacher

Kwoak Hoin



Sandra Baziz

HOD Global Languages

Steve Gehl

PYP and MYP German Teacher

Thomas Hopkins

HOD English

Luke Jones

HOD Arts


Kayla Driedger

Primary Homeroom Teacher

Christine Cash

Primary Homeroom teacher

Rahma Kobayssi

Primary Homeroom teacher

Conor Healy

Primary Homeroom teacher

Osgar Kavanagh

Primary Homeroom teacher

Ken Nakanishi

Primary Homeroom teacher

Bridette Dineen

Primary Homeroom teacher

Carolyn Summers

Primary Homeroom teacher

Brian Dooley

Primary Homeroom teacher

Melissa Gough

Primary Homeroom teacher

Maciej Borucki

Primary Homeroom teacher


Melissa Wiggins

Primary Home Room Teacher

Philiptail Le

PYP PE Teacher

Alex Sorica

PYP Swimming Teacher

Michael Tidy

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Sarah Tinson

MYP Design Teacher

Eoghan Quinn

MYP Individuals and Societies Teacher


Glenn Connelly

MYP English and Individuals and Societies

Lewis Palmer

MYP & DP Mathematics Teacher


Kimberley Vaughns

MYP & DP English Teacher

Adrian Garcia

MYP Spanish Teacher

Shane Cullen

HOD Individuals and Societies


Marina Rodriguez

PYP and MYP Spanish & French Teacher


Daniela Podolkova

PYP and MYP German Teacher


Sarah Wakeford

MYP Individuals and Societies and DP Geography 


Bette Horsington

MYP, DP Mathematics and MYP Science Teacher


Eric Nelson

MHS Science Teacher

Ajay Kaushik

MYP & DP Mathematics teacher

Mark Silkstone

MYP Science and DP Physics 

Nguyễn Bích Hòa

DP Chemistry Teacher

Priskila Mastra

MYP Music Teacher


Akash Bendran

HOD Science

Nguyễn Thị Hồng

PYP & MYP Vietnamese Teacher

Phan Thị Lan

MYP & DP Vietnamese Teacher

Hà Thị Ngọc Phương

Vietnamese & Music Teacher

Nguyễn Thị Minh Tính

Science Technician

Trần Thị Thanh Thảo

Learning Resource Center Executive

Nguyễn Thị Phương Mai

Teaching Assistant

Lê Kiều Nhi

Design Assistant Teacher

Đặng Thị Ngọc Lê

Teaching Assistant

Vũ Thị Thanh Thùy

Teaching Assistant

Lê Thị Huyền

Teaching Assistant

Lương Thị Phương Thảo

Teaching Assistant

Nguyễn Thị An Ly

Teaching Assistant

Lê Ngọc Diễm

Teaching Assistant

Trần Nguyễn Bảo Trâm

Teaching Assistant

Nguyễn Thị Mỹ Hạnh

Teaching Assistant

Nguyễn Thị Hoài Phương

Teaching Assistant

Lê Hồng Ngọc

Teaching Assistant

Đỗ Ngọc Thanh Mai

Teaching Assistant

Nguyễn Lê Thủy Trang

Teaching Assistant

Mai Hoàng Mỹ Chi

Teaching Assistant

Bùi Thị Tuyết Loan

Teaching Assistant

Hồ Phạm Quỳnh Giao

Teaching Assistant

Phạm Thị Diệu Hương

Teaching Assistant

Đặng Lê Mỹ Nhàn

Teaching Assistant

Trần Nguyễn Khánh Nguyên

Visual Arts Assistant Teacher

Trần Công Danh

Assistant Teacher in Swimming

Đỗ Hồng Phúc

PE Teaching Assistant


Nguyễn Viết Thịnh

PE TA & Basketball Coach

Vo Thi Hong Phuoc.jpg

Võ Thị Hồng Phước

Teaching Assistant


Nguyễn Ngọc Phương Thùy

Teaching Assistant


Phạm Thị Ngọc Dung

Teaching Assistant


Phan Nữ Thanh Lam

Teaching Assistant


Hà Thị Diệu An

Teaching Assistant

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