An Inspired School

About Inspired 

In 2020, EIS joined Inspired, a leading global group of 80 premium schools across 23 countries on 5 continents. Founded by Nadim M. Nsouli in 2013, the vision of the Group was to offer students a high-quality international education, inclusive of innovative and engaging programmes, in schools equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. Ten years later, Inspired demonstrates excellence in private education and educates 70,000 students worldwide. The exemplary educators at Inspired apply a depth of understanding of best practices in modern education to ensure effective learning across each school in the Group. Inspired schools benefit from international exchange programmes, overseas learning experiences, collaborative research opportunities, and a progressive education model.

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Inspired Philosophy 

At Inspired, we believe that the overall educational experience instils the knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and values that students will carry with them for life. Inspired sets a new standard in premium private education with handpicked teachers and a dedication to excellence that permeates every aspect of each school. Integrating innovative, challenging and enriching academic, performing & creative arts and sports programmes, Inspired's students leave with outstanding results, a love of learning, confidence and a firm value system that prepares them to embrace the challenges life throws at them in their future endeavours.

An Inspired education extends beyond the confines of traditional academia to tuition in life and public speaking, study methods and time management. We firmly believe it is vital that our students are adequately equipped to meet life's challenges in a globally competitive world.

With offices in London, Milan, Johannesburg, Dubai, Bogota and Auckland, Inspired has regional teams to support our growing family of schools in Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. To manage this diversity, we draw upon our wide-ranging educational and operational management expertise to share best practice across our Group.


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