Educational Philosophy & Programme

Education Philosophy

We encourage students to adopt a growth mindset and set high expectations and standards by building upon prior knowledge. Students learn about practical goal setting and are encouraged to engage in meaningful and intentional study practices daily. Students are also provided with opportunities to reflect on their learning with the support of timely, targeted feedback. As a result, students are empowered and fully appreciate the purpose of their education.

International Education

Our international academic programme is concept and skills-driven so that students learn how to construct meaning and think critically about the knowledge and information they gain daily. This ongoing process is supported by assessment data, which informs how personalised teaching and learning methods are delivered.

Global Citizenship Programme

Global citizenship is a core value at our School. We seek to reinforce connections with our local and broader community while fostering meaningful intercultural appreciation, compassion, empathy, and environmental awareness. We strive to empower individuals to make a positive impact in their communities for themselves, their peers, and future generations.


EIS Learner Profile

We believe that each individual has the ability to make a difference, and every member of our community is responsible for improving the lives of others and the environment around them. During their time at school, we want our students to use their learning and experiences as a force for good.

Our learners are independent, collaborative, open-minded and creative. They possess the skills and courage to bring forth new ideas, challenge themselves, and contribute positively to their local and global communities.

Our students are well prepared for life after school and continue their education at leading universities across Europe, the USA, and the rest of the world.

Learning Principles & Outcomes

EIS Learning Principles Student Learning Outcomes

EIS students enjoy a teaching and learning environment where they feel safe, secure, and cared for.

EIS students learn by building on prior knowledge.

EIS students are challenged appropriately

Learning to Develop a Growth Mindset
I enjoy learning and I feel safe when working hard, taking risks, and making mistakes.

I can use what I have learned in my prior experiences to acquire additional knowledge and understanding.

EIS students learn to listen, talk and interact.

EIS students are internationally- minded, and interact respectfully with others from diverse cultures.

EIS students engage positively with local and global issues.

Learning to Live Together
I can work with others and I respect others' personal histories, cultures and points of view.

I can communicate in more than one language, and feel comfortable using many forms of communication.

EIS students understand the purpose of their learning.

EIS students take initiative during the learning process.

Learning to be an Independent Learner
I understand why I am learning what I am being taught and I can set my own goals to take initiative for my learning and understanding.

Students at ElS construct meaning by making connections between knowledge, experience and concepts.

EIS students are encouraged to engage in meaningful and intentional practices.

Learning to be Part of the World
I make connections between knowledge, experience and concepts to deepen my understanding and knowledge through meaningful tasks.

EIS students receive timely and targeted feedback.

EIS students are set high expectations and receive explicit criteria for all assignments.

EIS students think and act upon feedback.

Learning to Learn
I can understand how to improve my work. I grow in confidence and my preparedness to tackle challenging tasks, using rubrics and feedback.


Students Are Challenged Within a Bilingual Academic Programme That is Concept and Skills-Driven

The curriculum at our international school provides a 'toolbox' of necessary skills to help students succeed in an uncertain world. Rather than simply memorising content, it is critically important that all members of our student community are able to analyse, evaluate and expand their understanding to stay abreast of modern technology.

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