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Our past students have helped shape EIS into a wonderful global community. Our alums are valued members of our school, and we are proud that we have been able to contribute to the lives of thousands of successful individuals living all over the world.

Discover the experiences of our past students and find out what they have gained from their time at our international school in Ho Chi Minh City.

Success Stories


An Hyeon Jeong


My grade 12 friends and I were always together. My time at EIS was so much fun, and I was so happy at the school. When I first joined the school, everyone helped me when I couldn't quite understand my classmates and the content of my lessons.

I was very grateful to the entire student community; every moment was precious.

What I have learnt from the IBDP
While studying for the IB diploma, I learned how to fulfil the objectives of a task accurately and how to be an independent and cooperative person.

Most memorable moment
While I was a student at EIS, the small moments during my day-to-life were the most memorable for me. My friends and I were so close that we were familiar with each other's habits, facial expressions, and favourite sayings. We understood each other on a deep level which made us close.



Kim Han Bin


I've made so many amazing high school memories at EIS. I met my best friends during my time as a student, and the best teachers work at the school. I felt very comfortable at school and felt like I was at home.

I will miss the time I spent with my friends in the study room and the small swimming pool where I worked really hard to complete the EE experiment.

What I have learnt from the IBDP
I learned the value of good time management and developed the skill of independent learning. There were multiple tasks on the course, such as the IA and WT, that I needed to submit by a specific deadline.

Most memorable moment
My most memorable moments were from the lunchtimes I spent with my friends. After we ate lunch, we always gathered in the homeroom. We would always compete to get the bean bag and would spend the time talking about our lives. Every day was full of various lovely moments, but I will never forget the times we would spend together after lunch.


Moon Ju Hyeog


I was at EIS for four years. Firstly, thanks to EIS for welcoming me as part of the school community. I cannot believe how much I have developed since Grade 9; it is a miracle that I can write English like this!

Secondly, I would like to thank the teachers who have supported me, especially Mr. David - Thank you for being our homeroom teacher and guiding us with advice as our DP coordinator.

What I have learnt from the IBDP
I personally enjoyed the Core subjects (CAS, EE, and TOK). I learned general art movement from my EE course. In CAS, I improved my study skills. The course also presented me with challenging tasks that I hadn't tried before.

Most memorable moment
My most memorable moment in EIS would be my Art Exhibition. It was a really special experience to have as a high school student. The theme of my exhibition was "Cultural identity", in which I could express my cultural background and depict where I feel I belong. I loved this opportunity; I had a great time working on this project and felt at one with my community.


Vu Thi Thanh Thao


For me, EIS was my second family. I had a lot of wonderful teachers and many lovely friends, especially my G12 group. Thinking about every moment I had with them are the best memories I have ever had.

What I have learnt from the IBDP
Never procrastinate when aiming to make deadlines if you want to survive on the IB. Everyone in your class is your friend in the IBDP - they are not your enemy. Therefore, all students new to the course should help each other get through the IBDP exam.

Most memorable moment
The most memorable moment I will never forget was during lunchtime, when 8 of my friends and I sat at a table, had lunch, and talked with each other about everything that came to mind. At that time, I felt we were a real "OHANA". "Ohana” means family, and in families, nobody is left behind or forgotten."
- Lilo and Stitch.


Won Jae Choi


My 4-year experience at EIS was unforgettable. I personally believe that the true quality of the "educational village" lies in the welcoming environment that the school sustains.

During my time at EIS, I took on new challenges and numerous leadership roles. Overall, this allowed me to develop into an independent learner as I was better prepared to move forward with the future chapters of my education.

Won Jae Choi - Majoring in Computer Science, National University of Singapore


Nguyen Duc Quy


I had been with EIS for three years until I graduated in Grade 12. EIS has taught me a lot, but the most important lesson was that I have learned how to solve a problem and overcome challenges. After graduating from EIS, I am now a freshman at Utica College in New York. I am majoring in Cybersecurity, specialising in Cyber Crime and Fraud Investigation and expect to graduate in 2022.


Thong Nguyen


Thong Nguyen is an EIS graduate (Class of 2019. He returned to EIS in November 2020 to represent the American University of Bulgaria at the Careers Fair, where he is currently a student.

He shared his experiences of studying abroad and the impact of COVID-19 on his student life with learners in years 11 and 12. We wish Thong all the best in his future endeavours!


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