Our Partnerships

Our school in Ho Chi Minh City has partnered with world-recognised bodies to deliver expansive opportunities through high-quality teaching practices and international programmes. The Council of International Schools (CIS) and the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) demonstrate our mission to help support every child as a productive, caring, and conscientious global citizen.


Building Connection Through Collaboration

Both the CIS and the IBO seek to uphold academic excellence in the schools they support. Our students have access to an expansive network comprising learners from CIS and IBO member schools, which leads to collaboration on projects, learning methodologies and interschool conferences.

IB accreditation ensures the delivery of high-quality pedagogies that have been tried and tested across the world, while CIS certification guarantees our provision has been rigorously evaluated and accurately measured against the performance of CIS institutions in 116 countries.

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A CIS School

We are one of a handful of international schools in Vietnam that have not only invited external assessment by the Council of International Schools (CIS) but also gained accreditation following rigorous inspections and reviews.

Globally, only 22% of international schools have attained accreditation, demonstrating the highest standards in operations. The best schools and colleges in the world recognise our consistently excellent teaching and valuable qualifications, giving our students fantastic options when they graduate.


IBO World School

EIS is an IBO (International Baccalaureate Organization) World School. Students are taught the full IB curriculum from Kindergarten onwards, allowing them to smoothly transition from each academic stage to the next. The IB curriculum pathway fosters skills in research, evaluation, analysis, independent study, and leadership while also developing the "soft" skills needed for long-term learning.

CIS & IB: What Are the Aims of These Organisations?

The Council of International Schools (CIS) is a global association of schools across the globe. School accreditation is achieved by establishing high standards in learning methodology and processes. We are also accredited by the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) to deliver three IB curriculums, which encourage students to "think critically, ask the right questions and think across disciplines." (IBO, 2023)


Why Did EIS Seek Accreditation?

By undergoing accreditation, EIS HCMC exemplifies its dedication to offering the best option for international education. Any school can claim to provide outstanding education; however, because external and independent agencies inspect and evaluate our methodology, we can demonstrate the efficacy of our tuition without bias.

EIS Achieved Accredited Status By:

  • Undergoing preliminary visits to determine readiness for accreditation
  • Performing rigorous self-studies
  • Carrying out final evaluations

Following the accreditation process, our school was awarded official certification for its exceptional international provision from CIS and the IBO.

A CIS inspection is exceptionally rigorous and assesses each area of school life. IAPS inspections provide a focused opportunity for the Primary section of the school to undergo a rigorous self-study, followed by an accreditation visit.

Accreditation Has Value

At EIS, we believe learning is a lifelong pursuit. Staff members continue their career progression through annual workshops and training opportunities to inform them of the latest developments in current practices and regulations. As part of our membership to CIS and IB, our educators may attend Safeguarding, Inclusion and Data Protection workshops in addition to those offered by the school.

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