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What exactly is ‘hybrid’ teaching?

At the end of last semester our Middle and High School teachers at European International School HCMC (EIS) had their first experience with hybrid teaching.


For two weeks the teachers of Grades 9 and 12 taught their classes with some students physically at school while other students joined online. Teaching online is a challenging task, however, teaching in this hybrid fashion has even more challenges.



The European International School (EIS) teachers know that good teaching always has the same principles, especially with an international curriculum (at our school it is IB that we follow) and in an international environment. This is making sure that the teacher is a strong presence and that there are engaging lessons for students. With hybrid teaching, our teachers are aware that they are teaching students in their classroom, but also need to keep the students online engaged. This can be difficult when the teacher is helping a student or a group of students in the classroom and others are waiting for help online. It can be quite exhausting. It is almost like you are teaching two classes at the same time.


Our teachers have been amazing as they have been discussing what works well with hybrid teaching, and they have been very open to supporting each other with this new way of educating young people, our international students. As we start the second semester this year, our Middle and High School teachers will have the added challenge of teaching Grades 7 – 12 in a hybrid way, but also reverting to 100% online teaching with the Grade 6 classes.

Author: Mr. John Veitch
Head of school