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Grade 10 MYP Art Students Dive into the World of Watercolour, Exploring Colonialism and Art


Our Grade 10 MYP Art students have embarked on an exciting artistic journey, delving into the medium of watercolour while exploring the thought-provoking theme of colonialism and its impact on art. Through a media-focused lesson, they are not only honing their creative skills but also fostering a sense of global citizenship and creativity. 

The Power of Watercolour

Watercolour, with its unique translucent properties, offers our talented students a captivating medium to express their ideas and emotions. By immersing themselves in this versatile medium, they are exploring the conceptual qualities of watercolour and its potential to convey powerful messages. 

Under the theme of colonialism and art, our Grade 10 students are examining the historical and cultural implications of colonialism, as well as its influence on artistic expression. Through research and discussions, they are gaining a deeper understanding of how colonialism has shaped art movements, narratives, and perspectives throughout history. 

In their media-focused lessons, our students are encouraged to experiment with various techniques and approaches. They explore the creative use of colour, texture, and composition to communicate their thoughts and interpretations of the theme. This exploration not only nurtures their artistic skills but also encourages critical thinking and creative problem-solving. 


Developing Informed Global Citizens

By engaging with the theme of colonialism, our Grade 10 students are developing a broader perspective and a heightened awareness of global issues. They are becoming informed global citizens, understanding the complexities of historical and contemporary narratives, and using art as a means of expression to provoke thought and spark conversations. 

Watercolour adds an extra dimension to their exploration. Its fluidity and transparency enable students to experiment with layering, blending, and colour interplay, resulting in visually captivating and emotionally evocative artworks.

This project encourages critical thinking about colonialism's effects and its broader implications. Through their creative process, Grade 10 students reflect on their own perspectives, fostering empathy, understanding, and advocacy for social justice.


Celebrating Artistic Growth

We are incredibly proud of our Grade 10 MYP Art students for their dedication, creativity, and commitment to exploring the complex theme of colonialism through the medium of watercolour. Their artworks not only showcase their artistic growth but also reflect their ability to use art as a powerful tool for self-expression and social commentary. 

Written by Mr. Luke Jones

Head Of Arts & Design

IB MYP & DP Visual Arts Teacher