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Benefits of Reading

At European International School HCMC (EIS), reading is part of our IB programme.


We have many events to promote our international students to read such as Book Fair, Reading Challenge, Roald Dahl’s Day etc. Reading can have many important benefits.


Here are just ten reasons to read:

1. Mental Stimulation – keeping your brain active and engaged promotes cognitive stimulation to keep it strong and healthy.

2. Stress Reduction – a well-written novel can provide a break from everyday stress and help you to relax.

3. Knowledge – reading can provide you with information about a huge range of topics to better equip you as you tackle future challenges.

4. Vocabulary Expansion – being articulate and well-spoken is important in many environments and a greater understanding of vocabulary will help with comprehension.

5. Memory Improvement – reading helps to create new brain pathways and strengthens short-term memory.

6. Stronger Analytical Thinking Skills – reading often requires you to analyse the details in a book and draw conclusions.

7. Improved Focus and Concentration – reading requires focus.

8. Better Writing Skills – exposure to well-written work has an influence on your own writing.

9. Tranquility – books can have a positive effect on your mood and promote internal peace.

10. Free Entertainment – go to the library and enjoy the many different titles on offer.

Are you needing to pass the time while you wait for a flight? Step away from your device and open up a book.