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Amazing IB Diploma results at European International School Ho Chi Minh City

The Class of 2021 at the European International School Ho Chi Minh City (EIS) recently received their IB Diploma results with amazing scores.


The Diploma Programme is not designed to be easy; it is a rigorous programme and asks a lot of a 17- or 18-year-old. The Class of 2021 endured multiple school closures, uncertainty, however despite these challenges they have demonstrated their resilience by achieving amazing IB Diploma results with a class average of 35.24 and a pass rate 100%.

The Class of 2021 have also grown into global citizens with integrity and dedication to the school and community. Through the IB programme they have had the opportunity to ask questions, take risks and challenge themselves inside and outside of school.

Over the two years of the Diploma Programme the students have been involved in a wide range of activities which have demonstrated their commitment to the local community, leadership and creating positive changes.

EIS Class of 2021

The student’s community spirit shone through by leading an initiative to support the visually impaired through their founding of the Saigon Visually Impaired Support Group (VIS); students worked together to not only raise funds, but to record audio books, create resources, teach English lessons to students in a school for visually impaired and raising awareness through activities like Tea Party in the Dark. Thuy, the leader of the VIS social media team says: “This leadership role has also allowed me to meet and get to know new people and develop my organisation and planning skills.”

EIS also supports all students with their transition into university life by doing group research into subjects such as maintaining healthy relationships and financial planning, as well as talking with alumni and even offering a Barista Training course. “Initiatives like the Barista training are important in preparing students to go to university so they have employable skills for part time work in the café sector, giving them an opportunity to supplement funds while studying and of course beyond.” says Erin Tacey, Diploma Programme Coordinator.

EIS student under Barista training course

EIS starts working with each individual student on their post study pathway from Grade 10, whether they choose to take a gap year, enter an apprenticeship, or go to university. This means the students have plenty of time to explore what careers pique their interest, and the diploma subjects they may need to open the doors to the right university and career.

This personalised approach to careers and guidance means that the EIS Class of 2021 has been accepted in many of the top universities worldwide, including Kings College London, University of Toronto, University of Amsterdam and Savannah College of Arts and Design to name a few. “It is exciting to see the students getting offers to study a wide spectrum of programmes from Aerospace Engineering, Medical Biochemistry, Applied Mathematics in the UK, Artificial Intelligence in Finland, International Business in the Netherlands, to Computer Science in Germany and being offered over $350,000 USD in scholarships” says Myriam Harley. EIS’s connection with European universities has also opened new opportunities for students to pursue their careers at wonderful campuses which might not have been considered before. For example, one of EIS’s students will be attending LUT University in Finland, with a 50% scholarship in year 2, and 100% scholarship in year 3, following their passion in Environmental Engineering.

The Class of 2021 are now taking the next steps in their lifelong educational journeys, be it university or gap years.

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