European International School Ho Chi Minh City (EIS) offers a rich and diverse programme of After School Activities (ASAs) for all students from Early Years to Grade 12. Students are given space and time to develop their artistic talents, social competencies, physical endurance and skills, as well as having fun in a supervised and supportive environment.

Weekly Newsletter - 13th December 2018

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

A Learning Principle of our school is that students are encouraged to engage in meaningful and intentional practice and given time, space and constructive opportunities to practice what they learn.

It has been an incredibly busy time in school these past two week, providing opportunity for students across grade levels to engage with learning; a few highlights: students have completed end of semester assessments (including eassessment), participated in Week Without Walls in locations in Vietnam and Thailand, sold their School Calendar at the Christmas Bazaar, sang at the EuroCham 20th Anniversary Gala Dinner and Christmas Party, swam in the Swim Gala, performed in Assemblies, presented their Group 4 Projects and participated in SISAC tournaments in football, basketball and swimming.

In the past few weeks teachers have been busy assessing students and writing reports. These will be available to parents from December, Friday, 14th. When you receive the report, please consider the following:

  • Read the report card with your son/daughter.
  • Praise your son/daughter on their efforts.
  • Note the attainment grades and any changes from previous reports – are there any surprises?
  • Ask your son/daughter if the grades reflect their progress.
  • Ask your son/daughter where they are having difficulty.
  • Discuss what targets you son/daughter has set with the teacher(s) for improvement.
  • Discuss what changes in their study plan does your son/daughter think is possible.

 Arrange an appointment with a teacher if you do not understand any aspect of the evaluation criteria of the report or you or your son/daughter have any questions or concerns.

Thank you once again to everyone involved in the organizing and participating in the Christmas Bazaar. In excess of VND 70,000,000 was raised from both CPRs’ bakery and wine lounge and auction which will fund about 10 surgeries for children to correct life limiting cleft, lip and other deformities. If would like to provide feedback on the arrangement of the Bazaar, please do so here.

We will hold a Movie Night on Saturday, 12th January just after we return from the holiday. Don't forget to put the date in your calendars. Gates will open at 5 pm and the movie (Wall-E) will start at 6 pm. Food will be available for purchase.

As parents who have visited the school recently may have noticed the new building is nearing the completion stage and glazing of the building was finished. The internal fit-out will commence of the facilities, that will include classrooms for Grades 5 and 6, swimming pool and multi-purpose room will be commencing shortly. We anticipate phased use of the facilities commencing during February 2019.

New security gates will be constructed at Gate 3 (Le Van Mien) and Gate 4 (Ngo Quang Huy). The assess will now be through new pedestrian gates, giving more oversight of people entering and leaving the campus. 

If you are interested or know any families who may be interested in joining EIS, please kindly contact Admissions Office via (+84) 28 7300 7275 or

The school will reopen on Monday, January 7th. I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a safe, happy holiday.
All the very best,

Sean O'MaoNaigh
Head of School