European International School Ho Chi Minh City (EIS) offers a rich and diverse programme of After School Activities (ASAs) for all students from Early Years to Grade 12, most of which are included within the tuition fee. Students are given space and time to develop their artistic talents, social competencies, physical endurance and skills, as well as having fun in a supervised and supportive environment.

Weekly email from EIS to Parents - 25th April 2019

Dear Parents and Guardians,

On Friday 12th April the teachers engaged in a Professional Development Day. In the Early Years and Primary, the focus was on developing the Units of Inquiry for the last quarter of the year at each grade level. This is very much a collaborative effort with teachers design the curriculum to ensure that we meet the needs of our students in line with our Learning Principles.  
In the Secondary School teachers focused on the topic of differentiation, i.e. effectively grouping for instruction. Increasing, the school is looking at assessment and testing data to understand better the progress and individualised learning of each student. 
We are currently piloting testing by GL Assessments from the UK to better understanding the strengths and weaknesses of students. The ‘’Cognitive Ability Test” (CAT4) and the “New Group Reading Test” (NGRT) provide objective, benchmarked data and teaching recommendations.
We will phase in further assessments in Mathematics and Science during next school year.  An important aspect of these assessments is that they are ‘’adaptive’’, meaning that the difficulty of the test adjusts to the level of each individual so that the results can be used by teachers to plan “differentiated’’ lessons and monitor the progress of each student.

As you may be aware the School has been working on drafting new Terms and Conditions of Enrolment (the Parent-School Agreement). This was necessitated by the requirements of the Council of International School to ensure transparency of contractual arrangements between parents and the School. The process has been collaborative, involving A-Star Education, School Management and the Parent Council. 
Those parents who have already responded to the School, to indicate intention to re-enroll for next academic year, should have already received a soft copy of this new agreement. 
We would appreciate prompt feedback from those parents who have yet to confirm their intention to re-enroll next year.  A soft copy of the new agreement will be sent shortly after we receive your feedback.
Hard copies will be sent to all confirmed re-enrolling families around the end of May.

Last week the school accepted handover of the Multipurpose Room (which can be configured into 3 separate spaces) as well as the Swimming Pool. Final commissioning and fit-out works will be completed by the School so that the facilities can be used as soon as possible.

The school has recently signed a construction/development agreement to build additional new facilities on the site of the former ‘Villa 7’. The facilities will include new science laboratories, a science and technology innovation centre, and additional classrooms for middle and high school. It is anticipated that these facilities will be available in August 2020.

The Sports’ Day event was held yesterday and was a great occasion for students to exhibit their sporting endeavors. The event supports the learning principle that students are challenged appropriately and provided opportunities to align their individual needs and their developmental stage. Photos are available here.
Students in Grade 10 exhibited their Personal Projects on Thursday and Friday this week. The projects covered a range of topics and students were able to demonstrate their research, planning and production skills. The aim of the project is for students to also develop creativity in expressing a topic of personal interest in one of the areas; Identities and Relationships, Scientific and Technical Innovation, Fairness and Development, Personal and Cultural Expression and Globalisation and Sustainability.
The next informal meeting will take place on Monday, May 6th at 8.00 in the LRC. This will be an opportunity for parents to meet with the SLT and discuss and/or clarify any matters of concern.

School will close from Monday, April 29th, and will reopen on Thursday, May 2nd.

All the very best,
Sean O'MaoNaigh
Head of School