European International School Ho Chi Minh City (EIS) offers a rich and diverse programme of After School Activities (ASAs) for all students from Early Years to Grade 12, most of which are included within the tuition fee. Students are given space and time to develop their artistic talents, social competencies, physical endurance and skills, as well as having fun in a supervised and supportive environment.

Weekly Email from EIS to Parents - 18th February 2021

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We hope you had a relaxing TET holiday and family celebrations. We did celebrate in school also with students and staff participating in some virtual activities. 

We have shifted successfully to online learning and a high degree of student engagement is evident.   Is has been gratifying to see how quickly most students have settled into the new routine and are managing to continue learning at home. Teachers are working in school and on visiting classrooms a high level of enthusiasm for the partnerships between teacher and student is evident – this is a key association for us as student progress through the curriculum. Please note that teachers are tracking student attendance, engagement and are maintaining assessment strategies to monitor students. Please do contact the homeroom or subject teacher if you need more information – the email addresses are published on the Parent Portal in the Information Handbook, and separately under School Directory.

We do recognize that the burden of teaching students falls first on teachers to create online classrooms, lessons, and activities.  However, to complete some activities, parental guidance at home is necessary.  We do appreciate this and understand that this can be stressful for some family situations, especially with younger children.  Maintaining a positive attitude will help your child keep calm through what may be a challenging experience.   Teachers will continue to advise and assist where possible.  

As mentioned previously, it is important that parents to create a space for learning at home.  Children will achieve their best work in a quiet, comfortable, and dedicated space.

The daily routines and schedules set by teachers are extremely important for children at school, and this is no different in their home school. Children will function best if they maintain their routine as close to normal as possible e.g., after lunch time, encourage them to get up, get some fresh air, go for a walk, or bike ride, or have a snack so that they are not sedentary for the entire day. 

Exercise helps us think better.  When we move our problem-solving, memory, and attention improve.  Physical activity is a natural way to reduce stress, prevent anxiety and has a positive impact on how we think. Personal wellbeing is essential and Ms. Aubrey, Wellbeing Coordinator is available if you have any question or need advice.  Children are used to lots of social contact at school, so they may feel the effects of being distanced from their friends. You should allow them to interact with them in person or online, beyond social media or text messaging.  

It is also important to limit screen time by mixing in non-digital pursuits as well.   As much as possible, parents should encourage print and book reading. Books can be ordered online (Link to our online catalogue) and collected from the school. Please check our catalogue online to see specific titles and if they are currently ‘in’. Tutorial: How to order books online.

Having a clear vision of what is expected of your child will help you and them see that just because they are home does not mean they don’t have work to do. It’s important to remind students that their education still comes first.  Obligations like class assignments aren’t going away just because classes have moved online.  You can help them prioritize and learn to create goals, tasks, and deadlines. They know this already, but your interest can assist their motivation.

It is important to acknowledge when your child does well and encourage them.   While a parent can’t expect their child to excel at online learning all the time, it’s important to acknowledge when a student is excelling and to positively reinforce their behavior while doing so.   When a student excels at a task, parents should provide “positive affirmation” and encourage their child to continue what they’re doing.    

We hope that together we can create a supportive learning environment that provides a strong sense of purpose for our students and can lead to ongoing success.


Our Grade 12 students are starting to get offers from universities around the world. One student applying for Biomedical Studies currently holds two offers from the USA. Other students have offers to study Aerospace Engineering, Medical Biochemistry, Applied Mathematics in the UK, Artificial Intelligence in Finland, International Business in the Netherlands, and Computer Science in Germany.

It is exciting to see the students applying to universities and already getting offers. Some students are choosing to take a gap year or are delaying entry to universities while others hope to start university in September 2021, aware that this might include some online learning while the pandemic continues to affect different countries around the world.

Whatever the circumstances, we celebrate these wins with the students and continue to encourage them in their endeavors. Well done students and teachers!


A reminder that the overview school calendar for next school year, indicating national and school holidays, is now posted on the Parent Portal. A more detailed calendar including school events will be published later.


The Saturday morning tour programme has started for families interested in enrolling in EIS in Term 4 and/or next academic year, commencing August 2021. Admissions is now establishing waitlists for some classes so if you or friends are interested in enrolment please contact Admissions Office via (+84) 28 7300 7275 or

Warm regards,

Sean O'Maonaigh

Head of School