European International School Ho Chi Minh City (EIS) offers a rich and diverse programme of After School Activities (ASAs) for all students from Early Years to Grade 12, most of which are included within the tuition fee. Students are given space and time to develop their artistic talents, social competencies, physical endurance and skills, as well as having fun in a supervised and supportive environment.

Weekly Email from EIS to Parents - 10th December 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,


During the past few weeks many of our students have been preparing musical and choral presentations which were intended for performance at the cancelled Ho Ho Holiday event. The students are very excited to perform and it is important to recognize their commitment and efforts. We expect our students to be engaged to meaningful and intentional practice and to be given time and constructive opportunities to demonstrate what they learn.

Therefore, on Friday, 18th, December we will be organizing two special assemblies to which parents will be invited. The first assembly for Early Years and Primary will be held at 8.15am and the second for Middle and High School at 10.10am. We do intend to record the assemblies and post them on Parent Portal. Further details will be sent via a separate email message. We hope that you will be able to attend and celebrate the work of our students who have been engaged to meaningful and intentional preparation.


We are coming to the end of the semester and therefore students are now receiving targeted feedback on their effort and attainment of and for learning. The intention of the information is to give students direction in how they can develop and enhance their academic progress.

In the past few weeks teachers have been busy completing writing reports. These will be available to parents next week from Wednesday, December 16th. When you receive the report, please consider the following:

  • Read the report card with your son/daughter.
  • Praise your son/daughter on their efforts.
  • Note the attainment grades and any changes from previous reports – are there any surprises?
  • Ask your son/daughter if the grades reflect their progress.
  • Ask your son/daughter where they are having difficulty.
  • Discuss what targets you son/daughter has set with the teacher(s) for improvement.
  • Discuss what changes in their study plan does your son/daughter think is possible.

Arrange an appointment with a teacher if you do not understand any aspect of the evaluation criteria of the report or you or your son/daughter have any questions or concerns.


The general school calendar (term dates) for school year 2020/21 is currently being developed.   The calendar will be published on the Parent Portal in January.



Thank you to parents who have referred new students to our school. 

We have already started waiting list in several grade levels, commencing January 2021. If you are interested or know any families who may be interested in joining EIS, please kindly contact Admissions Office via (+84) 28 7300 7275 or

Sean O'Maonaigh

Head of School