European International School Ho Chi Minh City (EIS) offers a rich and diverse programme of After School Activities (ASAs) for all students from Early Years to Grade 12, most of which are included within the tuition fee. Students are given space and time to develop their artistic talents, social competencies, physical endurance and skills, as well as having fun in a supervised and supportive environment.

Letter from the Head of School - 10th August 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are very pleased to be welcoming students to school this week. Teachers and staff were in school last week preparing for the opening of school so it will be exciting for all of us to see students inside the classrooms again. 

The School continues to be directly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and it is reasonable to expect that the changes to the fundamental nature of school that we have so far experienced, will probably continue for some time. Our school is not unique, and this happens to be the current phenomenon of education and school systems globally.

As mentioned previously, one area that has affected our school is the arrival of new teachers into Vietnam. The School has made every effort to facilitate the arrival of these teachers in-time for the opening of the new school year, however, regrettably, due to circumstances beyond our control (flight cancellations, changing CDC requirements and quarantine requirements) this has not been possible. We anticipate that those teachers who are already in HCMC will be present in school within the next week, and the rest will be in school by mid-September.

We did consider postponing the start of school until September, however we do not believe that this would be in the best interests of the students. The School has made alternative arrangements, providing additional and substitute staffing where necessary. In Middle and High School, for some classes, it is necessary to use a combination of online and blended learning with which students are already familiar. These contingencies have been reported to you by the Heads of Sections. 

Please be advised that there are also a number of health and safety protocols in place, informed to us by the authorities, and which we are required to implement. We believe that the general health of our school is everyone's responsibility, and the protocols which the school has adopted were republished in the Newsletter last week. We ask that you review these with your child at home. It should be understood that COVID-19 is a communicable disease and is a public health emergency. Please note that, while EIS are taking certain measures to monitor the environment of the school in line with recommendations from the Department of Health, the school will not be liable for any infection or spread of the disease.

The central points of our protocols are:

• Any individual who is showing any indications of illness should not come to school.
• Any individual who due to lifestyle or travel has been exposed to a potentially infectious environment or contact should not come to school until they are certain of their health status.
• Personal hygiene practices, especially hand washing, should be practiced and encouraged.
• A face mask must be worn at all times. This is relaxed for students in a classroom setting, but still encouraged.
• Social distancing – of at least 1.5m should be practiced.
• Assembly of less than 20 people in groups at all times.

For the time being we must also limit parent access to the school, however, we will facilitate as many teacher, student and parent interactions (within certain guidelines) whenever it is possible to do so. This is especially the case for students arriving on the first day of the school year, particularly in the younger grades, who may be apprehensive.

We believe that adherence to these basic health and safety protocols will provide a safe and healthy school environment for your children, and we will continue to be vigilant about enforcing these protocols, as well as any others that may be imposed by the Vietnamese authorities.

We do have contingency plans in place to ensure that quality teaching and learning continues, should we receive further instructions of restrictions from the authorities. Even so, any parent who would like more information about the School’s policies, procedures, or any other matter of concern, is welcome to arrange a meeting with me directly.

As a reminder, the School has launched a new Parent Portal and this portal will become the primary channel for information and all communications within the School community. We have sent out details on how to register on the portal previously, however, if you have any questions, please contact the Admissions Team for assistance.  


We look forward with anticipation to building a positive and supportive school community together with you, and working in partnership for the best interests of our students.  

Yours sincerely,


Sean O'MaoNaigh
Head of School