Middle Years Education (MYP)

At our EIS Middle School in Ho Chi Minh City, the International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Programme (MYP) encourages 11 to 15-year-olds to explore the connections between academic knowledge and the real world. Learning objectives are achieved through experiential projects that build critical-thinking skills.

The IB MYP aims to instil a positive attitude towards learning. In the classroom, students are encouraged to solve problems using creativity and resourcefulness. Another aspect of the course is building core values through participation in school events, the Saigon community, and global student networks.

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Why Choose our Middle School in Ho Chi Minh?

Our Middle School bridges the gap between broad-ranging primary education and specialised, independent High School learning. At this stage, children are supported in their lessons and encouraged to work to the best of their ability across a number of core subjects, including mathematics, science, geography, history, art and physical education. 

The IB Middle Years program provides the foundation for independent learning, empowering students to apply their knowledge and skills in new and unfamiliar situations. Our teaching staff and teaching assistants work closely with each child to understand each child’s specific needs, and to help them achieve their learning goals.

The Middle School core curriculum is complemented by an extensive range of after-school activities, which provide fun, friendship, and a host of new skills. To further support children at this crucial stage, the school's Pastoral Team assist teachers in maintaining the social, emotional and physical health of those in the Middle School learning community.

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Middle Years Curriculum

The middle years framework promotes cross-curricular understanding so students can apply their knowledge. In maths classes, for example, teachers teach trigonometry using real-world examples and students integrate these concepts in art and coding classes. 

Mr. John Veitch, Head of Middle and High School, says:

In the Middle Years curriculum, there is an emphasis on utilising the skills learned during the Approaches To Learning (ATL) course, which are designed to encourage and improve communication, self-management and social skills, in addition to developing critical and creative-thinking abilities and research skills.

Our middle years provision ensures contextual understanding at every stage, helping students appreciate the content and relevancy of their education.

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Entrance Middle School

Students who have previously attended our school's Primary Years Programme (PYP) are automatically qualified to enter the IB Middle Years Programme. During the IB PYP at our school, children gain the competencies and skills needed for learning at the Middle School level. New students may need to sit a cognitive ability test and an English language assessment to qualify for admission.

To gain insight into the effectiveness of teaching methodology and learner progression, MYP teachers may carry out cycle testing through informal verbal and written assessments. Although assessments are practical for measuring learner outcomes, teachers will also consider a student's performance in presentations, homework, and classroom discussions to better understand achievements and development.

MYP language programme

MYP Language Programme

While English is the main language of instruction in all lessons, all MYP students study at least one other additional language. The MYP language programme offers Vietnamese, Korean, German, Spanish and French courses led by specialist teachers and tutors. Students who speak English as an additional language may qualify for support. Supplementary language provision will be discussed with you and your child during the admissions process.

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Middle School Teachers

To get the best from learners in the Middle School division, we recruit enthusiastic and talented teachers from around the world. Our dedicated teaching staff share the same values as our school and bring a wealth of international experience to their roles. Our Middle School educators may teach children in the lower school to prepare them for the IB MYP learning objectives, as well as those in grades 9 and 10, to help them build their existing knowledge.

All academic staff participate in regular professional development and stay abreast of the latest pedagogies by attending regular International Baccalaureate workshops. Workshops inform IB teachers of new subject content and teaching methodologies so that they are in the best position to help our students successfully complete their middle school education.

MYP education facilities

Middle School Facilities

The Learning Resources Centre (LRC) offers an exciting educational setting for Middle School students. MYP-specific resources aid classwork and independent study, and librarians support learners, as needed, during research, projects, and group work.

Books, journals, and digital technology enable the comprehensive study of various subjects, empowering learners to further their understanding through a range of sources. Our modern library facilities provide a comfortable and enjoyable environment during class visits, and pupils may utilise the space before and after school to complete homework or revise for exams.

Fun library events occur regularly in the LRC facilities and are an excellent way for students to share their work with their friends, families and teachers.

Middle School Extra-Curricular Activities

Middle School activities extend beyond the classroom with exciting clubs that are designed to help children explore their talents, meet students in other classes, and broaden their horizons beyond academia.

MYP Extra-Curricular

Cooking Club

Participants bring in ingredients every week and prepare a selection of dishes and cuisines.


An active body and a healthy mind go hand in hand. Individual and team sports are offered in our active physical education and after-school activities programme. A great team of coaches teaches students of all abilities how to work together, become focused and confident in all areas, and increase their physical strength. We offer:

MYP swimming hcmc


MYP Netball hcmc


The Arts

We offer engaging art and music classes to those who wish to showcase their creativity. Recently, children in Grades 4 to 10 presented a school production of "Beauty and the Beat". All performances were outstanding and demonstrated the excellent training given by our performing arts teachers during timetabled lessons and after-school classes.

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Musical & Choir

Available to Selected Students

Students take part in the production of a school musical. Rehearsals run from Term 1 to Term 3, and after the end of the production, participants will continue as a choir and perform at end-of-year events.

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Available to All Students

This club is for students with prior experience playing an instrument seeking to join an ensemble setting. Children play pop songs and classical music to improve note-reading and traditional ensemble-playing skills.

Additional Services for Middle School Students

School Meals:

Middle Years students enjoy the opportunity to socialise during well-deserved lunch breaks. To ensure the best possible meal options, the Canteen Committee attends to food safety, freshness, taste, nutrition, and portion sizes, so that Middle School learners get the nourishment they need to support their overall well-being and health.

School Bus Service:

As part of our supplementary provision, students in the middle years may use the school's supervised bus service to travel to and from home. Our main priority is the safety and well-being of each child, which is why our drivers and bus monitors are trained in safeguarding practices. Bus routes serve local areas near Ho Chi Minh City and suburbs close to the school.

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Bilingualism in the MYP


The MYP language curriculum further strengthens our commitment to bilingualism. It allows students to practise their oral, written and listening skills while understanding the culture and traditions of others around the world. Our passionate teachers offer an immersive experience, ideal for those who wish to refine their vocabulary and pronunciation. 

With over 40 nationalities represented at our school, students who wish to work towards an additional formal language qualification in their mother tongue are welcome to do so.

Community Voices


Ikoma Family | FROM JAPAN

When our family decided which school to send our child to, we knew we wanted the IB but not with a large student population. When we came for a campus tour, our children were impressed with the school. The Admissions staff were very hospitable and able to clearly communicate the school’s teaching methods, school fees and what was included and the type of extracurricular activities on offer, while the Head of the School himself even came to explain the curriculum to us. The relationships between students and teachers seemed very warm and fun, which is why I decided to send my children to EIS. Since attending EIS, my children have fit right in and told me how fun school is every day. I think it is a great place for students to grow and learn with warm and nurturing teachers in a caring environment.


Kernbach Family | FROM GERMANY

We are Max (6), Jonas (9), Maren and Daniel. Coming from Germany we were looking for a school that offers both – German and English classes as well as an international environment with pupils from all over the world to socialise with. EIS was our choice! EIS offers our kids a learning environment full of life, activities and encouragement. Class sizes are limited and the IB curriculum supports our kid’s school careers in a smooth but also demanding and performance driven way. Max and Jonas enjoy the broad offer of after school activities and the possibility to explore different subjects in a playful and supportive environment. The big number of opportunities and events organised by the school to involve parents in the school community complement the positive impression we have gained from EIS throughout the past 6 months.

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