Toddler Class to Preschool

At our Kindergarten in Ho Chi Minh, children aged 2 to 5 are welcomed and cared for from the very first day of their preschool education. They are nurtured in an open and exploratory environment and thrive with the support of experienced practitioners in early childhood development. Our early learning educators implement the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP) in combination with the widely respected Reggio Emilia philosophy to provide an excellent foundation of learning for every child.

Why Choose our Kindergarten in Ho Chi Minh City?


We offer a Toddler Class for 2-year-olds, Kindergarten-1 for 3-year-olds, and Kindergarten-2 for 4 to 5-year-olds. At each stage, teachers care for children with the utmost attention, helping them discover their capabilities in a child-centred setting.
Our preschool has abundant resources. Inside, children play with puzzles, board games and costumes. They interact with digital tools, paints, instruments, and more! Outside, youngsters enjoy ball games, climbing frames, tricycles and inviting green areas.

Kindergarten Options


Our private, garden-centred setting provides a safe, secure and enriching experience for preschoolers - perfect for families seeking high-quality Kindergarten options for their young children! We offer a range of schedules and timetable options in our home-from-home atmosphere, and our practitioners are committed to making sure that our young students gain the full benefits of premium education, whether they choose to join us on a full or part-time basis.

Kindergarten Programme

In our Kindergarten school, children gain an exceptionally wide-ranging and robust education with the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP), which forms our early years curriculum. Delivered through the Reggio-Emilia methodology, the PYP aims to encourage young children to take an active, early interest in subject material and the process of learning.

As a result of the educational programmes and methodologies delivered in our Kindergarten, children gain the motivation to ask questions as they investigate subjects during exciting and carefully-planned lessons.

The PYP curriculum focuses on six transdisciplinary themes:

  • Who we are
  • Where we are in place and time
  • How we express ourselves
  • How the world works
  • How we organise ourselves
  • Sharing the planet

Our PYP lessons encourage students to examine these six themes through a variety of lenses during language, social studies, mathematics, arts, science sessions, as well as personal, social, and physical education programmes.

Children are inspired to make connections between different pieces of information across a number of curriculum subjects. By doing so, they increase their understanding of how the world works. This inquiry-based programme emphasises: learning ‘how to learn’; how to uncover answers; broad communication skills; problem-solving skills; teamwork, and the ability to apply knowledge to new situations.

kindergarten environment

An Engaging and Stimulating Environment at Our Kindergarten

In our vibrant and welcoming Kindergarten setting, children discover valuable opportunities to explore, discover, create, and experiment through play and teacher-led sessions in the classroom. Within our beautiful learning environment in HCMC, children enjoy a Kindergarten-focused setting that allows them to demonstrate agency across well-designed creative areas, reading corners, role-play sections and computer suites.

Teachers aim to provide exciting options for children to express their opinions and needs, while helping them make sensible choices. Guided by their early years teachers, young explorers enjoy taking ownership of their learning and grow with confidence within a vibrant preschool context. They flourish with the skills they gain in our stimulating environment and use their endless imagination and curiosity to explore, understand, and develop.

At our Kindergarten, teachers foster experimentation and support children's natural inclination for investigation in the classroom, and during outside play.

kindergarten teachers

Kindergarten Teachers

Our Kindergarten teachers inspire their students' creativity and love of learning. Each of our preschool educators are fully qualified and have years of experience caring for children. As specialists in preschool education, our teaching team understands the importance of developing close relationships with parents and guardians, who are welcome to visit our Kindergarten faculty and discuss any element of their child's education.

We want parents to be involved in their children’s academic growth. Kindergarten class teachers arrange regular meetings and parent-teacher conferences to provide updates on progress, and parents and guardians are also welcome to assist with teacher-led school performances and events through formal and informal parent networks.

kindergarten facilities

Kindergarten Facilities

Offering a Huge Choice of Resources For Children in the Preschool Age Range

The Learning Resource Centre is at the heart of our Kindergarten and offers a world of exploration for young learners. The bright library space offers age-appropriate academic digital tools, colourful books and a wealth of complementary resources to support literacy development.

While supervised by their teachers and library staff, our youngest students explore a wealth of materials in the LRC. They enjoy unlimited opportunities for discovery in a comfortable setting. As a result of their time in this space, they gain valuable social skills by sharing books and games with their teachers and friends. In time, young children transfer this enthusiasm to other areas of their early education.

Staff leading the Kindergarten division organise a wealth of library-based events, where parents and children can enjoy performances, specialist workshops and fun classes with other members of the Kindergarten community. Aside from being enjoyable, LRC events provide the added benefit of promoting projects and classwork while offering young learners and their families the chance to build positive reading habits together.

Early Years After School Activity Programme

Our Kindergarten After-School Activities (ASA) programme aims to help learners develop their new-found skills, make friends, and acclimatise to the Kindergarten and Preschool environment. This year, children in K2 to Preschool may participate in our exciting activities on-site. Each ASA lasts 50 mins and is led by a specialist Kindergarten tutor. Classes start at 3:00 pm and end at 3.50 pm.

Current activities are listed below.

early years activities arts crafts

Arts & Crafts


early years activities sculpture studio

Sculpture Studio


toddlers sketchnotes



kindergarten activities book club

Book Club


kindergarten activities yoga

Mindfulness and Yoga


kindergarten activities colouring

Disney Colouring


preschool activities play dough club

Play Dough Club


preschool activities construction



preschool activities story and arts

Story & Art


Additional Services at our Kindergarten


A healthy diet is central to the well-being of our young learners. To provide fresh and delicious food options each day, the school has established a Canteen Committee to oversee food safety, taste, nutrition, and portion sizes. The committee seeks to ensure young children enjoy a healthy and balanced diet by offering a variety of cuisines. Canteen staff cater for different dietary requirements; however, please inform your child's teacher of any allergies and intolerances.


We aim to care for preschoolers before, during and after school hours. We offer a School Bus Service to ensure our young learners enjoy a safe journey as they travel to our school campus from neighbourhoods close to Ho Chi Minh City and its surrounding suburbs. EIS offers a professional School Bus Service option throughout the school year to prioritise the security of our young students. Our team of bus drivers and monitors are thoroughly trained in child protection and safeguarding procedures.

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Community Voices


Butragueno Antolin Family | FROM SPAIN

We are a Spanish family and our kids Valeria (6 years old) and Claudia (4 years old) started in EIS 3 years ago when we arrived at HCMC. Our experience in the school has been amazing since the beginning and we have always felt as a part of a big EIS community with plenty of activities for the whole family (Xmas fair, Saturday movie nights, Tet festival, United Nations Day, etc.) and our kids have really enjoyed a multicultural experience together with teachers, school staff and their colleges from all around the world. They have learnt many things but the most important ones are to understand and valued different cultures, languages, traditions and celebrations. Definitely we will recommend the experience in EIS HCMC and we will miss the EIS community.


Gazquez Family | FROM SPAIN

This is our fourth year among the EIS community in Ho Chi Minh city. We have two daughters at the school. One is currently in third grade and the other, our youngest, is in Kindergarten 2. The school has provided a safe and comfortable environment for them to learn and develop their skills both as individuals and as members of the community. Classes are small and the education is personal, so the teachers know their students and can tailor their efforts to individual student needs. Through the after school activities, the kids complement their classes and get to know students and teachers from other grades, enhancing their interpersonal relationships and strengthening community links.


Manning Family | FROM NEW ZEALAND

Our son Lucian is now in his second year at EIS, in Early Years, and loves it! EIS offers top quality education while maintaining a fantastic community feel. The staff and teachers are professional and caring, and as parents we benefit from excellent, open communication from the school about what is going on, and how our son is progressing. We are super happy that we chose EIS. Haike Manning – Former Ambassador of New Zealand to Vietnam

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