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Our High School in Ho Chi Minh City offers the IB Diploma Programme (IBDP) to students in Grades 11 and 12. The IB diploma is recognised as a highly-regarded international qualification in more than 140 countries and enables entry into degree-level courses. 

Our High School supports students' intellectual, social, emotional, and physical well-being while encouraging participation in a rapidly-evolving global society through school-wide projects, exchanges and student collaboration.

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Why Choose our High School in Ho Chi Minh?

Students who graduate from EIS are independent, collaborative, open-minded and creative. They possess the skills and courage to formulate new ideas to stretch the limits of their ability and contribute positively to their community. With an internationally recognised education in the International Baccalaureate curriculum, students gain the necessary skills and knowledge to help them succeed in tomorrow’s uncertain world.

Students learn from experienced teachers and explore their emotional, social, and academic strengths with a personalised learning approach that enables them to take responsibility for their education. Our parents highly recommend our teaching and learning methods, and our world-class private education leads to some of the best results in the country for international learners.

high school curriculum Ho Chi Minh City

High School Curriculum

The IB Diploma Programme requires students to undertake 3 compulsory modules: the Theory of Knowledge (TOK), Extended Essay (EE), and Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS). These modules encourage the transfer of skills across academic disciplines and enable students to illustrate their learning from both the Middle Years and Diploma Programmes. 

High School students explore the nature of knowledge in the programme's Theory of Knowledge course and undertake an in-depth research project to demonstrate independent learning skills in the Extended Essay module. To excel in the essay module, students must show evidence of thorough research skills while exploring a particular topic.

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High School Entry Requirements

Before students begin learning at the High School stage, they are required to select 6 IB subjects. At our High school, we offer students a selection of optional topics that cover a breadth and depth of knowledge and understanding across multiple disciplines. IBDP candidates are encouraged to choose subjects that align with their future study options, interests, and strengths.

Scholarships to High School Students

Scholarships for High School Students

Our international school is one of a few IB World Schools in Vietnam to offer the full continuum of IB Programmes - the Primary Years Programme (PYP), the Middle Years Programme (MYP), and the Diploma Programme (DP). Since 2014, we have awarded scholarships to High School students who show academic promise. 

This year, EIS continues to offer academic scholarships to new students who demonstrate exceptional academic performance and a commitment to community service. Merit-based scholarships are also available to prospective students entering grades 10 or 11 who have the potential to achieve high IB Diploma scores.

high school vietnam language program

High School Language Programme

We are a multilingual school and are proud to offer several language courses to students in our High School division. As part of their IB education, IB entrants may undertake Vietnamese or Korean Language and Literature, English B, German B, Spanish B, or French B. Language classes are conducted by specialist teachers and teaching assistants who are highly experienced in delivering language tuition in line with current IB requirements.

high school vietnam teachers

High School Teachers

Throughout the advanced 2-year programme, teachers, tutors, and the school pastoral team support senior students with ongoing guidance in lessons, during form classes and in one-to-one tutorials. Aside from equipping young adults with the competencies needed to thrive during the programme, our passionate team of High School educators help them gain a positive attitude toward learning so that they get the most from their lessons and are well-prepared for the demands of higher education.

High School Facilities EIS HCMC

High School Facilities

The Learning Resource Centre is a vibrant gateway to knowledge for High School students. It is a well-equipped, modern facility serving the needs of learners studying for their IB diploma. Our spacious library facilities are a hub of enquiry, collaboration, and creation for those in our High School community.

High School Extra-Curricular Activities

For those in secondary education, finding a balance between academic responsibility and enrichment is essential. As part of our High School provision, we offer daily activities, including sports, art, music, language development, crafts and games. Students can undertake these exciting activities during lesson time if they opt to include these subjects in their IB timetable. 

After school hours, we also offer a range of clubs and classes as part of our High School After School Activities Programme (ACAs). ACAs allow young adults to work with each other outside of the classroom environment and build their friendships and networks. 

The after-school activities programme is updated regularly and can be obtained from the school at the start of each term. 
ASAs run on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. They begin at 3:00 pm and end at 3:50 pm. 
We also offer some ECAs, which usually run on either Mondays or Fridays, depending on the current schedule.

High School Extra-Curricular Activities EIS HCMC


Ecobrick is a well-known, environmental organisation that aims to reduce plastic consumption and repurpose plastic waste into more productive solutions. Students are not only taught how to build an “eco-brick”, but we also use our social media platforms to educate the public. Eco-Brick envisions a future where the environment is rid of plastic. The organisation's mission and vision is led by the sentiment: “Once spoiled, it can thrive again."

secondary cooking club

Cooking Club

Students are challenged with preparing a new dish each week. To participate in this club, learners must buy and bring in ingredients as per the weekly recipe.

High School Sports EIS HCMC


Physical activity helps maintain a healthy body and a healthy mind. Our active physical education and after-school activities programme offers individual and team sports. A team of fantastic coaches trains students of all abilities to learn the importance of working with others. During sports sessions, students also build stamina, strength, confidence, resilience and talent.

The Arts

Art and music classes may be run by educators at the school, or vetted external providers, who help our High school community explore their interests and refine their skills at a national or international level.

high school Ho Chi Minh City orchestra


This club is for those who currently play an instrument but would like to play with others in a collective setting. Both pop songs and classical music are incorporated into sessions to build a wide repertoire of note-playing skills.

high school Ho Chi Minh Citymusical

Musical & Choir

Musicals are a great way for older students to showcase their skills in design, acting, music, singing and directing. The musical club runs over 3 clubs and after the final performance, the choir continue to perform publicly as an ensemble.

high school Ho Chi Minh City film studies

Film Studies

This club offers students the opportunity to analyse, evaluate, critique and discuss every aspect of film-making. Club members look at cinematography, direction, acting, grading, sound and context, amongst many other film components.

Additional Services for Our High School Students

School Canteen:

Students in our High School community can enjoy the wide selection of nutritious meals prepared daily by canteen staff in the Global Cafe, the school's main dining outlet. As senior students, older learners may also visit the cafe during mornings and afternoons times, and use the comfortable seating areas to take much-needed breaks from lessons.

Bus Service:

Our school is well-connected to the centre of Ho Chi Minh City and its surrounding suburbs. However, High School students are welcome to use our bus service, which serves several neighbourhoods close to the school campus. Buses are safe and well-supervised, and older students may enjoy reliable transportation to and from their homes each morning and afternoon.

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Community Voices


An Hyeon Jeong | FROM CLASS OF 2017

We were always together. It was so fun and I was so happy with our Grade 12 friends. Everyone had helped me when I couldn’t catch up with the conversation and class. I was very grateful to everyone. Every moment was precious. What I have learnt from the IBDP: How to set up the goal. How to be an independent person and to be cooperative. Most memorable moment: Our daily lives were the most memorable in my school life. We knew our trademark (habit, quote, facial expression, …). That time was for understanding each other and being closer.


Kim Han Bin | FROM CLASS OF 2017

EIS is the place that is full of my high school memories. I met best friends and best teachers there. I felt very comfortable at school like I was at home. I would miss the time I spent with my friends in the small room to study and the small swimming pool where I really worked hard to carry out the EE experiment. What I have learnt from the IBDP: I learned the value of time management and independent learning skills. There were lots of tasks such as IA and WT that I needed to submit by the deadline. Most memorable moment: My most memorable moment was the lunch time we spent with each other. After we ate lunch, we always gathered in the homeroom. We always competed to take bean bags and talked about daily life. Every day was full of different moments. I just could not forget the moment that we sat around together after lunch.

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