Wide Range of After-School Activities

From Kindergarten to High School, students enjoy various academic experiences, creative & performing arts pursuits, sports activities and enriching experiences as part of daily school life. Beyond the classroom, children also have multiple opportunities to gain essential 'soft' skills to help them flourish as well-rounded individuals who can dive into the unlimited boundaries of their talents.

Clubs, extra-curricular lessons and enrichment classes provide a world of fun and excitement, allowing participants to see the joy that can be found in their school environment. After-School Activities (ASAs) are offered to children in K2 to Grade 3, while clubs are offered to students in Grade 4 to Grade 12.

After-School Activities (ASAs)

After-School Activities offer a creative outlet for young students adapting to the school environment. They also develop the personal qualities, attitudes and skills that will complement the academic success of learners. Activities are regularly updated so that children are encouraged to apply their evolving competencies to new forms of learning.

After-School Activities (ASAs) and Extracurricular Activities (ECAs) are mainly run by school teachers. All learners are welcome to join as many activities as their timetable allows! During specialist-led classes, children explore their interests in a nurturing space and develop their artistic talents, social competencies and physical health.

By facilitating participation in dance, football, chess - and much more! - the overall school experience becomes expansive and endlessly enjoyable. 

Activity Age Group Description
Cultures around the World K2-PS Children will explore different cultures around the world and improve their fine motor skills and communication skills.
Arts and crafts K2-PS Children will develop mental health and wellbeing as well as foster a range of developmental skills (Fine motor skills, Creativity).
Sculpture studio K2-PS Children will explore and develop skills using their imagination and creativity using a range of media and materials to express themselves. Children will work in areas of construction, craft, clay, art and design.
Sketchnote K2-PS Sketchnotes don't require special drawing skills, but do require you to listen and visually synthesise and summarise ideas by using writing and drawing.
Book Club K2-PS Children will develop language skills, social skills, and collaborate with others.
Mindfulness and Yoga K2-PS Children will enjoy exploring different ways to be calm in an relaxing environment.
Disney colouring K2-PS Children will enjoy colouring pictures and practise their fine motor skills.
Play dough club K2-PS Children will develop fine motor skills, encourage creativity and enhance hand-eye coordination.
Construction K2-PS Children will develop their fine motor skills, creativity and imagination.
Story and Art K2-PS Creating artwork based on stories.
EIS Journal Grade 3 - 5 Students will create an EIS newspaper where they will collect interesting information around the school and present their findings with pictures, drawings, writing, printed images and publishing skills.
Quilling Art Grade 4 - 5
Creating unique pieces of art using different quilling techniques.
Minecraft Edu Grade 4 - 5
Students will work on Minecraft building challenges, developing communication, teamwork, planning and critical thinking skills.
Never get bored Grade 1 - 2 Hidden pictures, puzzles, things to cut out and create, pop-ups, art projects, word games, and a whole lot more for hours of productive fun.
Doodling Grade 1 -3 Using pencils to doodle fun pictures and patterns.


Activity Age Group Description
Chess Club Grade 1 - 2 Learn to play the game of chess.
Theatre Games Grade 3- 5 We play typical theatre games that are rooted in improvisation and mime.
Comic Club Grade 2 - 5 Create your own comic characters and bring them to life by drawing them.
Lego club Grade 1 - 3 Come along and practise your fine motor, communication, collaboration, problem-solving and creative-thinking skills using Lego.
Touch Typing Club Grade 3 - 5 Improve your typing skills, using games and interactive activities.
Weaving club Grade 3 - 5 Students will learn how to weave. We will use recycled materials such as old T shirts, plastic water bottles and styrofoam plates.
Dance Club Grade 1 - 2 Join in with your dancing passion.
Book Club Grade 2 - 4 A fun way for students to interact with each other, make social connections while developing an appreciation for reading in their free time.
Musical & Choir Selected Students This year, we will be running a musical as we resume in-person schooling. Musicals will run from Term 1 to Term 3, and after that we will continue as a choir to perform at end of year events.
Orchestra ALL This project is for students who already have experience playing an instrument and would like to play in an ensemble setting. We will play pop songs as well as classical music to improve upon note reading and traditional ensemble-playing skills.
Cooking Club ALL In this ASA, we undertake a variety of food preparation activities, which will require you to bring ingredients/food to school on a weekly basis.
Film Studies G9-12
Through the study and critical analysis of film, its components, and its history, students develop critical-thinking abilities and develop their appreciation of artistic, cultural, historical and global perspectives in film. This is NOT a movie club. This ASA will inform students how to analyse film, specifically, and provide a safe space for students to critically approach movies through various perspectives and discussion sessions.
Ecobrick G10-12
Ecobrick is a well-known, environmental organisation in EIS that aims to reduce plastic consumption and repurpose plastic waste into more productive solutions. Students are not only taught to build an “eco-brick”, but we also use our social media platforms to educate the public. “Eco-Brick envisions a future where the environment is rid of plastic and an ecosystem. “Once spoiled, it can thrive again” is the sentiments of our mission and vision.


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