Exploring Creative & Performing Arts

At our school, we offer international, holistic education. Our students celebrate the arts by creating images and objects based on their experiences and influences. They also appreciate, enjoy, respect and respond to the artistic gifts of others from around the world.

As one of the Three Pillars of education at our school, Art is an important aspect of our provision. Teachers ensure all students can express themselves through multiple mediums in practical, vibrant and immersive lessons. Art theory and technical practices are dynamic and ever-changing, offering our young people many avenues to explore the subject. In art lessons, children learn how different cultures depict the human experience, and they are encouraged to cultivate regular artistic practice through individual work, collaborative exploration, creative production, and critical interpretation.



In art, students can express themselves in ways that are not always possible in other courses. They are encouraged to embrace and participate in sessions where they can freely experiment with traditional and modern art forms. 

Our international school in HCMC has an excellent creative department led by passionate tutors. They help our budding artists to approach this discipline in a way that will help them explore the world around them. In teacher-led classes, children develop confidence and problem-solving skills while learning about the art practices of different societies throughout history.



Each year, students help organise a whole-school theatre production, which is usually performed in a local professional venue. Learners in grades 3 to 10 contribute to the show by choreographing performances, acting in scenes, or helping out backstage as part of the crew.

Teachers supervise trips, workshops, and visits to theatres to introduce children to live dramatic art to support curriculum-based topics. During these excursions, drama students also get the chance to delve deeper into their interests and hone their craft by watching professional actors.

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