Middle School

Middle Years Programme (Grades 6 to 10)

The IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) encourages students aged 11 to 15 to explore the connections between academic subjects and the real world through experiential learning projects that build critical-thinking skills.

The IB MYP programme at EIS instils a positive attitude toward learning by challenging students to solve problems and show creativity and resourcefulness while encouraging them to participate in their communities.

Aspects of the curriculum reflect real life by providing a framework that allows students to see the connections in their learning and how their knowledge may be applied to real-life issues. Learning is, therefore, relevant and allows the MYP pupils to appreciate the content of the lessons.

Mr. John Veitch, Head of Middle and High School shared how teaching and studying at EIS look like

In the Middle Years curriculum, there is an emphasis on utilising the skills learned during the Approaches To Learning (ATL) course, which are designed to encourage and improve communication, self-management and social skills, in addition to developing critical and creative thinking abilities and research skills.

Our recent school production, "A Lion’s Tale" was presented by Grade 4 to Grade 10 students

While English is the language of instruction, all MYP students study at least one other language. MYP participants may choose from a Vietnamese, Korean, German, Spanish or French language course. With over 40 nationalities represented at our school, our MYP linguists are immersed in a multicultural learning environment.

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Ikoma Family
From Japan


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An Hyeon Jeong
Class of 2017

"We were always together. It was so fun and I was so happy with our Grade 12 friends. Everyone had helped me when I couldn’t catch up the conversation and class. I was very grateful to everyone. Every moment was precious."

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Kernbach Family
From Germany

"We are Max (6), Jonas (9), Maren and Daniel. Coming from Germany we were looking for a school that offers both – German and English classes as well as an international environment with pupils from all over the world to socialize with."

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