Educational Philosophy & Programmes

Educational Philosophy

Our teaching and learning environment is based on the philosophy and programmes of the International Baccalaureate organisation (and in particular the IB Learner Profile) as well as the school's Guiding Statements (Vision NarrativeValues and Learning Principles).

Academic Programmes

The diagram below shows how the school combines its own Learning Principles with the IB Learner Profile. The Students Outcomes represent our 'Promise' to Students. 


Students are challenged within an academic programme that is concepts-driven and skills-driven, which provides students with the necessary skills and knowledge 'tool box', to help them become successful in tomorrow's uncertain world. Rather than simply learning knowledge and content, we now know that it is critically important that students be able to analyse, interrogate and question knowledge in order to compete against automation and artificial intelligence. 

Our school was recently reauthorised by the IBO in April 2019 to provide the full continuum of IB programmes. This reauthorisation coupled with the full accreditation awarded by the Council of International Schools, provides third party evidence of the quality of our programmes. For more information on the International Baccalaureate, please visit


Kliegl Family
From Europe

"When I decided to write some comments about the European International School, I first thought that it would be the easiest task ever. I was wrong. It took me literally a month before being able to put into words my admiration and profound gratitude for this school. I couldn’t decide where to begin with."

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Zalio Family
From Czech

"I would like to share with you my experience with EIS. We are a family with 2 children aged 5 and 7 and we have been living in Vietnam for 4 years already. I think I can say that we finally found the school our kids (and also we as parents) really like."

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Nguyen Family
From Canada

"Wonderful EIS Experience - We are a Vietnamese Canadian family with our 4 years old daughter Megan attending EIS HCMC since one year. After researching many schools in HCMC we decided on EIS because of its safe and caring environment that is not too big nor too small for Megan."

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