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European International School Ho Chi Minh City is housed in purposefully-restored diplomatic villas and offers a unique oasis of calm and reflection within the city.

School Canteen

With more than 10,000,000 meals served since 1998, Global Cafe has been operating in Viet Nam as a food service company in the international school community. They currently serve more than 5000 healthy meals and fresh baked goods a day and have a company roster of over 100 people. European International School Ho Chi Minh City (EIS) is delighted to have Global Cafe as one of our partners. 

Global Cafe is proud of themselves on being a dedicated specialist for those that insist on nutritious and fresh, whole foods prepared to provide balanced meals. 

At EIS, Global Cafe customises dining service solutions for the community of students, staff and visitors which embrace issues of sustainability and social responsibility ensuring the school and its community get the best possible food service program for our customers.

Their strong relationship with the students, staff and parents of EIS ensures that they understand and meet the standards and expectations set forth by the School.

Global Cafe believes that "a healthy mind starts with a healthy body" and as food service providers they have the responsibility to provide a variety of healthy and delicious foods to the students, staff and visitors of EIS at a reasonable price, ensuring they have everything they need to grow and learn effectively.

"Eat Well, Live Well!"