European International School Ho Chi Minh City (EIS) welcomes students of all nationalities who would benefit from our educational programme and whose parents share the school’s Mission and Objectives.

Admission is granted to a student when it has been determined that the School has an appropriate programme and resources to meet that individual’s learning needs. Applications for both immediate and future entry are considered at any time throughout the year.

The birth date cut-off for placement in a particular grade is the 31 August in the academic year (commencing in August) of admission. The child must have turned the appropriate age on or prior to the 31 August for the grade in question.


















Students who demonstrate exceptional academic performance and a commitment to community service are eligible to apply for a Merit Scholarship or Director's Full Academic Scholarship for 2018-19 at the European International School Ho Chi Minh City (EIS).

The EIS Scholarship programme was created to give exceptional students the opportunity to benefit from the International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes at EIS.

High-achieving students inspire their peers and raise expectations, enabling all students to excel,” says Mr. Iain Fish, Head of School. “We want to make our world-renowned IB programmes available to more students who can benefit from them while contributing to the spirit of excellence at EIS.

In addition to academic achievement, selection for the Scholarship programme is based on a candidate’s teamwork and leadership skills, critical thinking and engagement with their community.

We look for students who champion service and get involved in community-based activities,” says Mr. Fish. “We like to see innovation, reflection and a desire to help others. A scholarship candidate should be an excellent role model for peers and younger students.

EIS has found that scholarship recipients are among the most active students in the school. They take the lead in assemblies, fundraising, after school activities and even tutoring younger students. Reflecting the theme of innovation that drives the IB programme at EIS, many scholarship recipients have come up with their own ideas for ways to contribute to the school and the community.

These young scholars are ambassadors of the school who can promote the values of EIS and the IB to the community,” says Mr. Fish.

More information can be found at or / (+84 28) 7300 7257 - ext. 108 (Ms. Emily)



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