Scholarship Programme

A limited number of EIS Merit Scholarships are available and cover up to 100% of tuition fees (excluding field trips, exam fees and other direct costs).

Receive up to a 100% reduction in all tuition fees.

The EIS Scholarship Programme can be a life-changing opportunity for selected students. In addition to academic achievement and potential, the criteria for the Merit Scholarship award requires students to possess teamwork abilities, leadership skills, critical thinking, and engagement within their community.

Scholarship recipients tend to be among the most active students in the School and are often found leading school activities, including the Model United Nations, the Global Issues Network, sports teams, assemblies, fundraising and after-school activities. Some recipients may even tutor younger students. While those who receive a scholarship award are expected to excel academically, it is essential that they also pursue excellence in a community-minded and collaborative manner. Scholarship awardees contribute their unique perspective to the school and reflect the enquiry-based approach to active learning we are proud of at EIS. All previous Scholarship recipients received significant tuition fee assistance from world-leading universities upon High School graduation.

How to Apply

  • Complete an online Application Form
  • Complete Academic Scholarship Form with terms and conditions [pdf or printed]
  • Two most recent school year reports in English or translated into English (1)
  • Awards, certificates for any academic, sporting, cultural or community programme
  • Motivation letter 
  • Student's Passport or Birth Certificate [copy]
  • Parent's Passport or ID Card [copy]
  • Pay Application Fee VND 3,500,000 at 
  • Deadline to complete Step 1: Friday 16th February 2024 at 4pm. Only qualified applicants will be invited for the next step.
  • English Test (OOPT - Oxford Online Placement Test): 60 minutes
  • Cognitive Ability Test (CAT4):  90 minutes
  • Writing Test: 60 minutes
  • Deadline to complete the Assessments: Friday 1st March 2024 (2). Only qualified applicants will be invited for the next step.

The most qualified applicants will be invited to interview with Scholarship Committee members.

The school Scholarship Committee will evaluate the whole application documents, assessment results and interviews, to make decision on:

  • Offering scholarship and the Scholarship values
  • Offering Placement at EIS

Deadline for the final decision and Scholarship Offer can be issued on Friday 29th March 2024.
Deadline for family to accept the Offer is 4pm on Friday 5th April 2024.

Scholarship General Terms and Conditions

  • An invitation to attend an interview will not necessarily mean a scholarship will be offered.
  • Scholarships will be awarded on merit, following the Scholarship Examination and interview.
  • Scholarship can value from 15% to 100% - from the enrolment until graduation Grade 12.
  • Scholarships will be awarded on the basis that the student will maintain high standards of academic achievement, participate to the best of their ability in school activities, and adheres to the school’s policies and rules. The scholarship will be reviewed in May each year. If grade results are maintained the scholarship will be renewed for the following year. The School may request the student to take the annual Scholarship Exam if the School feels it is necessary to moderate his/ her academic progress.
  • Acceptance of a Scholarship Offer will require payment of the Acceptance Fee VND 40,000,000 (Grade 10) and VND 32,000,000 (Grade 11)
  • Application Fee VND 3,500,000 paid at the application stage will be credited into the Tuition Fee or refunded to the family if the student is enrolled at EIS in the academic year 2024-2025.
  • Becoming a recognized Scholar involves significant responsibility. Not only will the student be required to maintain academic excellence but he/she must also set high standards for their peers in all areas of school life. This involves contributing and supporting the school community at all times - and in some cases publicly. This may involve participating and presenting in certain school events, writing articles for various publications, providing positive testimonials and other reasonably requested activities. After graduation from EIS we expect the student to also be an active member of our alumni network.
  • In return for this merit scholarship benefit, the family should be aware that the School’s expectation is that the student remains at EIS through to the completion of his/her IB Diploma. Should you withdraw from school at any time prior to formal graduation from school, then the School reserves the right to obtain appropriate remedies; including repayment of the financial scholarship amounts of the most recent three (3) school years, and/or withholding school documentation and assistance (e.g. school reports, transcripts and reference letters).

(1) 2 most recent school year reports: where the reports are not providing sufficient information about the applicant’s learning progress, behaviour or social development, the school can require the previous schools’ teachers references on the parent’s behalf.
(2) Deadline to complete the Assessments: Admissions Staff will be in close contact with the parents to arrange the assessment to make sure the applicant is not missed the deadline.

Scholarships Team Contact information
730 F-G-K Le Van Mien, Thao Dien Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
(+84 28) 7300 7257

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The value of an IB education with Stanford University

As an IB parent and the Assistant Dean of Admission at Stanford University, Debra Von Bargen has firsthand experience working with many IB graduates. As her son began the IB Diploma Programme, she saw him do things he never thought he could do. In her role as the Assistant Dean of Admissions, she is excited to see how a student has taken on the IB and knows that IB students show very high success rates during their first year of university.

Educational Village, Global Citizens

European International School Ho Chi Minh City offers a unique world class learning environment for children from 2 to 18 years of age, located in the heart of Thao Dien, District 2. The school is proud to be one of only 2 authorized International Baccalaureate (IB) Continuum Schools in Ho Chi Minh City, and one of an exclusive group of only 364 IB Continuum Schools worldwide. Our students acquire the skills and embrace the values of the IB learner profile, enabling a smooth transition to other schools, colleges and universities globally. We have a track record of academic excellence, of substantial scholarship offers, and a proven pathway to some of the best colleges and universities in the USA, the UK, Australia/New Zealand, Europe and Asia.

Community Voices


Fettke Family


My family has been part of this community for more than 3 years now. During this time, we have seen so many positive changes in the school as it continues to grow and expand. What impresses me most is the Open-Door policy, which is implemented by all educators at the school, from the teachers all the way up to senior management.

Effective communication is vital, so I am impressed by the School's proactive approach, which makes information accessible. They keep parents up to date through social media, weekly newsletters, and class Weeblies to inform us about upcoming events and important news. The school always welcomes new ideas, and as Parents, we are included and encouraged to lead many activities throughout the academic year. Excellent examples of these events would be: International Language Day, Reading in Class, Family Fun Day, and Movie Nights, which I make a special effort to attend.

Being a diverse, multicultural environment with 39 nationalities represented in the community, I find the EIS mission statement a solid foundation on which the school values are built. The values are then brought to life by all faculty members and, in turn, instilled in the students from Early Years all the way to High School. The students' level of growth and maturity is clearly visible in their development.

Having been expatriated throughout Europe, The Middle East and Asia over the last 13 years across multiple locations, my family and I have been exposed to various educational systems. When I was looking for a school for my 2 daughters, we discovered EIS was the perfect fit. I love the campus with its unique design and clever use of space, the individual villas, the IB curriculum, and the language programme, which is the best in HCMC. I would happily recommend EIS as one of the top Educational Institutions in Ho Chi Minh City.


Kliegl Family


When I decided to write some comments about European International School, I thought it would be an easy task - I was wrong. It literally took me a month before I could put my admiration and profound gratitude for this school into words, as I couldn't decide where to begin.

Everything about EIS is great: the teachers are available by phone or email, night and day, weekday, or weekend; the education is a joyful and delightful experience for our children; students are encouraged to discover, enquire, and ask questions; parents are directly involved in school life, and the senior management listens to parents and guardians... The list is so long. For my family, the most impressive characteristic of EIS is the staff's empathy and will to help students. When our youngest son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, not only could he stay at the school as a regular student, but EIS actively helped us implement every measure we decided upon regarding his therapy. The level of commitment, acceptance, empathy and will demonstrated by EIS for the benefit of our son and family is simply beyond comparison. For this, we will be forever grateful.

Kim Han Bin


I've made so many amazing high school memories at EIS. I met my best friends during my time as a student, and the best teachers work at the school. I felt very comfortable at school and felt like I was at home.

I will miss the time I spent with my friends in the study room and the small swimming pool where I worked really hard to complete the EE experiment.

What I have learnt from the IBDP
I learned the value of good time management and developed the skill of independent learning. There were multiple tasks on the course, such as the IA and WT, that I needed to submit by a specific deadline.

Most memorable moment
My most memorable moments were from the lunchtimes I spent with my friends. After we ate lunch, we always gathered in the homeroom. We would always compete to get the bean bag and would spend the time talking about our lives. Every day was full of various lovely moments, but I will never forget the times we would spend together after lunch.


Nguyen Duc Quy


I had been with EIS for three years until I graduated in Grade 12. EIS has taught me a lot, but the most important lesson was that I have learned how to solve a problem and overcome challenges. After graduating from EIS, I am now a freshman at Utica College in New York. I am majoring in Cybersecurity, specialising in Cyber Crime and Fraud Investigation and expect to graduate in 2022.


Moon Ju Hyeog


I was at EIS for four years. Firstly, thanks to EIS for welcoming me as part of the school community. I cannot believe how much I have developed since Grade 9; it is a miracle that I can write English like this!

Secondly, I would like to thank the teachers who have supported me, especially Mr. David - Thank you for being our homeroom teacher and guiding us with advice as our DP coordinator.

What I have learnt from the IBDP
I personally enjoyed the Core subjects (CAS, EE, and TOK). I learned general art movement from my EE course. In CAS, I improved my study skills. The course also presented me with challenging tasks that I hadn't tried before.

Most memorable moment
My most memorable moment in EIS would be my Art Exhibition. It was a really special experience to have as a high school student. The theme of my exhibition was "Cultural identity", in which I could express my cultural background and depict where I feel I belong. I loved this opportunity; I had a great time working on this project and felt at one with my community.


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Nsouli Scholars

A Transformative Opportunity

A Transformative Opportunity

The Nsouli Scholars Programme is an exciting global initiative that promises to transform lives by enabling 50 extraordinary students at any one time to attend any of Inspired’s prestigious schools on a full scholarship for the duration of their education. The ambition is that the scholarship will provide hundreds of children with an opportunity to receive a truly transformative education.

By opening this path to exceptional individuals, we hope to expand our community, and to empower children of all backgrounds with unrivalled opportunities in academics, sports, the arts and extracurricular activities. In this sense, the Nsouli Scholars Programme is an investment both in education and in shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

This generous endowment honours Nadim Nsouli, who founded Inspired in 2013 as a definitive statement of excellence in private international education. In recognition of Mr Nsouli’s Lebanese heritage and Inspired’s commitment to inclusivity, several scholarships will be awarded to individuals of Lebanese origin.

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A Unique Education

A Unique Education

Inspired schools offer a world-class educational experience that combines academics and engaging extra-curricular activities, producing confident, multi-skilled students who flourish in a competitive and increasingly interconnected world. Along with expert instruction by hand-picked teachers, our students access specialist sports programmes and professional tutelage from leaders in the performing and creative arts. As a result, they leave armed with a robust value system and a love of learning that extends well beyond the classroom.

Inspired is also committed to leveraging new and transformative learning technologies. Inspired AI empowers children to achieve academic excellence by delivering actionable insights that are unique to each student, including strengths and weaknesses. Our partnership with The Royal College of Music and Forte, a revolutionary online platform, enables children to receive personalised music tuition from professionals. Students with musical interests benefit from bespoke private lessons, advancing their practice as creatives and gaining valuable performance experience.

Academic Results

Academic Results

The advantages of our holistic approach to education are evidenced by the fact that Inspired students consistently excel in academic performance, surpassing national and global averages. In 2022, the Average Point Score was 35 for those undertaking the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma, for which the world average was 31.98, while A* scores comprised 27% of our students' A Level grades, compared to 14.6% globally. As a consequence, many are able to attend leading universities, with one in three graduates going on to a Russell Group University or Ivy League College.

A Global Experience

A Global Experience

The Inspired Group includes top-rated day and boarding schools worldwide, meaning students enjoy access to a diverse international community. Be it through specialised Summer Camps or immersive Global Exchange Programmes, children have the chance to travel broadly and engage meaningfully with different cultures, meet and learn from our esteemed partners, build lifelong networks, and become more independent.


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