Living in HCMC

Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), also known as Saigon, is a fast-paced, modern hub home to more than 8 million residents. HCMC is Vietnam's economic centre and the world's second most dynamic city.

HCMC offers a wealth of cafes, restaurants and bars and glimpses into Vietnamese history and culture. Chinese pagodas, French colonial landmarks, local "shoebox" shop houses, and modern glass/steel towers highlight neighbourhoods throughout the central districts.

HCMC has something for everyone. Sports clubs, galleries, cafes and eateries, art classes, yoga, kids clubs, shopping malls, markets, museums, and parks are easily accessible from the city's suburbs and are safe to enjoy. Saigon is a wonderful place for families, offering a wide variety of accommodation options and many family-friendly activities to suit short-term visitors and those seeking an extended stay.

Ho Chi Minh City provides an ideal base for new arrivals in Vietnam. It is close to culturally significant sites that showcase the country's natural beauty. With over 7 million motorbike users and regular bus routes, visitors can explore every corner of the stunning metropolis with ease. 

For explorers who wish to venture further afield, HCMC, Vietnam, offers a gateway to many neighbouring countries, including Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Singapore - all less than two hours from HCMC.

Hong Kong, China, Laos, the Philippines, and Taiwan are also easily accessible from South Vietnam and promise unforgettable experiences.

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Settling into EIS

EIS welcomes new students throughout the academic year. New starters settle into the school and make friends quickly due to the supportive, safe, and family-style atmosphere faculty members cultivate on campus. Upon joining, children are assigned a homeroom "buddy" to assist with orientation. Along with teachers and the Pastoral Service, the 'buddy' is part of a support system helping acclimate students to their new school environment.

Parent Representatives and Council

Our Parent Classroom Representatives and Parent Council arrange meetings with Homeroom Teachers and support staff, who will assist with any queries. At EIS, there is strong parental involvement throughout the school, enabling a smooth transition for students in their first few weeks and long-term success as children progress. The openness of our educational village ensures that all new joiners and their families feel welcome as part of our community as soon as they arrive on campus.

Community Voices


Ikoma Family

FROM Japan

When our family decided which school to send our child to, we knew we wanted the IB but not with a large student population. When we came for a campus tour, our children were impressed with the school.

The Admissions staff were very hospitable and able to clearly communicate the school’s teaching methods, school fees and what was included and the type of extracurricular activities on offer, while the Head of the School himself even came to explain the curriculum to us. The relationships between students and teachers seemed very warm and fun, which is why I decided to send my children to EIS. Since attending EIS, my children have fit right in and told me how fun school is every day.

I think it is a great place for students to grow and learn with warm and nurturing teachers in a caring environment.


Tan Family


Elijah attended a preschool in our previous country of posting and a kindergarten in HCMC. Although he was extremely well looked after by his 2 previous schools, trouble was he still could not read.

We enrolled him into EIS and within a few months he came home, looked at the TV and said ‘Sony’. There has been no stopping him since. In my past experience in my interaction with EIS’s current leadership and team, it could be hard not to see that a fertile and international environment has been created for which children are nurtured to grow. 

The built environment of the campus plays a significant and pivotal role to facilitate such growth in the children. Rather than a large institutional building, the facility is scattered into an organic friendly and conducive learning village. This fosters greater interaction amongst all members in the school as well as a healthy dose of vitamin D every now and again. We feel blessed to have found EIS for Elijah and his sisters. It is truly a village of learning and a rare and exemplary educational model, not only academically but socially as well. Creating a valuable community of global citizens for the world.



Chunwei Family


EIS is an international school that can provide a complete IB curriculum from kindergarten to high school, and the curriculum is well connected. Small class teaching and English help courses are especially suitable for transfer students; let children improve their English level as soon as possible and adapt to the new school teaching.

Although EIS is small in scale, children can have more opportunities to participate in various competitions and practical activities. My daughter has exercised her speech and oral expression skills, communication skills and teamwork spirit in MUN (Model United Nations) activities. It is temporarily unavailable in Chinese high schools.

In the more than one year of studying at EIS, my daughter has received all-round help from the school and teachers, and gained a lot, inspired and motivated teaching, developed her child's potential, and mobilised her enthusiasm for learning. She completed the transition period in just 3 months. Adapted to the new school life, with good grades, the children are becoming more independent and confident. EIS our wise choice.



Butragueno Antolin Family


My family and I moved to Vietnam from Spain. Our kids, Valeria (6) and Claudia (4), started school at EIS 3 years ago when we first arrived in HCMC.

Our experience with the school has been amazing from the very beginning; we have always felt like we are part of a big EIS community with plenty of activities for the whole family, including a Christmas fair, Saturday movie nights, Tet festival and United Nations Day.

Our kids really feel at home in the school's multicultural environment. During their time at EIS, they have learned so much. Most importantly, with such a diverse community of teachers, school staff and friends from around the world, they also understand and value different cultures, languages, traditions and celebrations. We will definitely recommend EIS HCMC to friends and family and dearly miss the EIS community when we leave.


Stevenson Family


Before we moved to Vietnam from Australia, our daughter, Sage, had been at a small, child-centred school, so it was important to find a good fit for her. The European International School was perfect with its warm, friendly village-like feel.

As Sage was still young - seven at the time - a nurturing, creative and inclusive environment was essential to her well-being. We found this at EIS, and it has continued to be so. Sage is now in her 4th year at the school. The Primary Years Programme was also a big draw for us as it is an internationally available programme that Sage can continue with when we move home. At the EIS, parental involvement in our children's education is encouraged. There are many opportunities to contribute to the school: Class-Parent Representatives and the Parents Council meet with educators, and parents can help at community events or in the classroom. We have always found that our ideas, concerns, and opinions are welcomed and heard. We also love that Sage is exposed to different cultures through fellow students, her teachers, and learning a second language. Although the facilities are limited to a single campus, Sage has been able to join the choir and swim team, both of which have competed internationally. The size of the school really broadens the scope of opportunities for students that may not be otherwise available. Additionally, the educators at the school are continually seeking ways to involve students, parents and teachers in school life.



Shichiji Family


The reason for choosing EIS

My daughter's class has almost no students from the same country, so we get along very well. That's the real thrill of an international school. She loves German and wants to study in the future. The teachers are unique, warm, and open-minded.

The staff is kind and wonderful. Among them, the Science teacher gives exciting classes. The attention to detail of the person in charge of admission is outstanding compared to other schools.

Moreover, EIS actively participates in charity. My daughter wants to contribute to society through school events; she plays the violin and volunteers for these events.


Gazquez Family


This is our fourth year among the EIS community in Ho Chi Minh city. We have two daughters at the school. One is currently in third grade and the other, our youngest, is in Kindergarten 2.

The school has provided a safe and comfortable environment for them to learn and develop their skills both as individuals and as members of the community. Classes are small and the education is personal, so the teachers know their students and can tailor their efforts to individual student needs. Through the after school activities, the kids complement their classes and get to know students and teachers from other grades, enhancing their interpersonal relationships and strengthening community links.

Parents involvement is highly appreciated and encouraged by the school. There are a lot of occasions during the year, like events and assemblies, when the parents can join and watch the kids work and progress. Also, the school organises a series of events at the campus for the whole community, out of school hours and in a relaxed atmosphere, giving the parents and the kids a chance to get together, so the kids can meet their friends and the parents and teachers of all sections get to know each other. EIS is a warm and welcoming community of caring students, teachers, and parents.


Kernbach Family


We are a family of four. Our children are Max (6) and Jonas (9), I am Maren, and my husband's name is Daniel. Coming from Germany, we were looking for a school that offers both German and English classes in an international environment where our children could meet other pupils from all over the world.

EIS was our first choice! EIS offers our kids a learning environment that is full of life. They take part in many activities and receive encouragement from their teachers. Class sizes are limited at EIS, and the IB curriculum supports our kid's school careers in a smooth but challenging, performance-driven way.

Max and Jonas enjoy the broad offer of after-school activities and the possibility to explore different subjects in a playful and supportive environment. The large number of events organised by the school ensures parents are involved in the school community; the welcoming environment affirms the positive impression we have gained from EIS in the past six months.



Sato Family


My child can learn freely in a school building with a sense of openness and a teacher who teaches them warmly.

It's a friendly environment. And our son says EIS is the best school in the world, all teachers are so lovely!!



Zalio Family


I would like to share my experience of EIS with you. We are a family with two children aged 5 and 7, and we have lived in Vietnam for four years. I think I can say that we have finally found a school that our kids (and also us parents!) really like.

EIS has a diverse, multicultural environment with people of many nationalities. Both children's teachers are perfect, so much so that we often hear their names at home. EIS is a community. We have visited other schools in HCMC, but at EIS, parents can truly be part of the school if they wish to be. We also value the accurate but not over-extensive communication given to us by the teaching staff and administration team. They provide us with necessary information and updates, so we do not feel "spammed". I would highly recommend EIS to all families who are moving to HCMC. It is a great school to send your kids to.



Fettke Family


My family has been part of this community for more than 3 years now. During this time, we have seen so many positive changes in the school as it continues to grow and expand. What impresses me most is the Open-Door policy, which is implemented by all educators at the school, from the teachers all the way up to senior management.

Effective communication is vital, so I am impressed by the School's proactive approach, which makes information accessible. They keep parents up to date through social media, weekly newsletters, and class Weeblies to inform us about upcoming events and important news. The school always welcomes new ideas, and as Parents, we are included and encouraged to lead many activities throughout the academic year. Excellent examples of these events would be: International Language Day, Reading in Class, Family Fun Day, and Movie Nights, which I make a special effort to attend.

Being a diverse, multicultural environment with 39 nationalities represented in the community, I find the EIS mission statement a solid foundation on which the school values are built. The values are then brought to life by all faculty members and, in turn, instilled in the students from Early Years all the way to High School. The students' level of growth and maturity is clearly visible in their development.

Having been expatriated throughout Europe, The Middle East and Asia over the last 13 years across multiple locations, my family and I have been exposed to various educational systems. When I was looking for a school for my 2 daughters, we discovered EIS was the perfect fit. I love the campus with its unique design and clever use of space, the individual villas, the IB curriculum, and the language programme, which is the best in HCMC. I would happily recommend EIS as one of the top Educational Institutions in Ho Chi Minh City.



Kliegl Family


When I decided to write some comments about European International School, I thought it would be an easy task - I was wrong. It literally took me a month before I could put my admiration and profound gratitude for this school into words, as I couldn't decide where to begin.

Everything about EIS is great: the teachers are available by phone or email, night and day, weekday, or weekend; the education is a joyful and delightful experience for our children; students are encouraged to discover, enquire, and ask questions; parents are directly involved in school life, and the senior management listens to parents and guardians... The list is so long. For my family, the most impressive characteristic of EIS is the staff's empathy and will to help students. When our youngest son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, not only could he stay at the school as a regular student, but EIS actively helped us implement every measure we decided upon regarding his therapy. The level of commitment, acceptance, empathy and will demonstrated by EIS for the benefit of our son and family is simply beyond comparison. For this, we will be forever grateful.


Nguyen Family


Wonderful EIS Experience

We are a Vietnamese Canadian family, and our 4-year-old daughter, Megan, has been attending EIS HCMC for one year. After researching many schools in HCMC, we decided on EIS because of its safe and caring environment that is not too big nor too small for Megan.

The programmes offered include the arts, dance classes, and sports programmes. The extra-curricular activities at the School are also excellent. The teachers and staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and caring, making the learning environment positive and memorable.

We are delighted with the many activities the school organises for kids and parents as those moments give us a chance to slow down and enjoy our children’s learning with them. The school provides a very international environment - it's great to meet so many other families from all over the world. We would highly recommend EIS!


Manning Family


Our son Lucian is now in his second year at EIS, in Early Years, and loves it! EIS offers top quality education while maintaining a fantastic community feel.

The staff and teachers are professional and caring, and as parents we benefit from excellent, open communication from the school about what is going on, and how our son is progressing. We are super happy that we chose EIS.

Haike Manning – Former Ambassador of New Zealand to Vietnam



An Hyeon Jeong


My grade 12 friends and I were always together. My time at EIS was so much fun, and I was so happy at the school. When I first joined the school, everyone helped me when I couldn't quite understand my classmates and the content of my lessons.

I was very grateful to the entire student community; every moment was precious.

What I have learnt from the IBDP
While studying for the IB diploma, I learned how to fulfil the objectives of a task accurately and how to be an independent and cooperative person.

Most memorable moment
While I was a student at EIS, the small moments during my day-to-life were the most memorable for me. My friends and I were so close that we were familiar with each other's habits, facial expressions, and favourite sayings. We understood each other on a deep level which made us close.



Kim Han Bin


I've made so many amazing high school memories at EIS. I met my best friends during my time as a student, and the best teachers work at the school. I felt very comfortable at school and felt like I was at home.

I will miss the time I spent with my friends in the study room and the small swimming pool where I worked really hard to complete the EE experiment.

What I have learnt from the IBDP
I learned the value of good time management and developed the skill of independent learning. There were multiple tasks on the course, such as the IA and WT, that I needed to submit by a specific deadline.

Most memorable moment
My most memorable moments were from the lunchtimes I spent with my friends. After we ate lunch, we always gathered in the homeroom. We would always compete to get the bean bag and would spend the time talking about our lives. Every day was full of various lovely moments, but I will never forget the times we would spend together after lunch.


Moon Ju Hyeog


I was at EIS for four years. Firstly, thanks to EIS for welcoming me as part of the school community. I cannot believe how much I have developed since Grade 9; it is a miracle that I can write English like this!

Secondly, I would like to thank the teachers who have supported me, especially Mr. David - Thank you for being our homeroom teacher and guiding us with advice as our DP coordinator.

What I have learnt from the IBDP
I personally enjoyed the Core subjects (CAS, EE, and TOK). I learned general art movement from my EE course. In CAS, I improved my study skills. The course also presented me with challenging tasks that I hadn't tried before.

Most memorable moment
My most memorable moment in EIS would be my Art Exhibition. It was a really special experience to have as a high school student. The theme of my exhibition was "Cultural identity", in which I could express my cultural background and depict where I feel I belong. I loved this opportunity; I had a great time working on this project and felt at one with my community.


Vu Thi Thanh Thao


For me, EIS was my second family. I had a lot of wonderful teachers and many lovely friends, especially my G12 group. Thinking about every moment I had with them are the best memories I have ever had.

What I have learnt from the IBDP
Never procrastinate when aiming to make deadlines if you want to survive on the IB. Everyone in your class is your friend in the IBDP - they are not your enemy. Therefore, all students new to the course should help each other get through the IBDP exam.

Most memorable moment
The most memorable moment I will never forget was during lunchtime, when 8 of my friends and I sat at a table, had lunch, and talked with each other about everything that came to mind. At that time, I felt we were a real "OHANA". "Ohana” means family, and in families, nobody is left behind or forgotten."
- Lilo and Stitch.


Won Jae Choi


My 4-year experience at EIS was unforgettable. I personally believe that the true quality of the "educational village" lies in the welcoming environment that the school sustains.

During my time at EIS, I took on new challenges and numerous leadership roles. Overall, this allowed me to develop into an independent learner as I was better prepared to move forward with the future chapters of my education.

Won Jae Choi - Majoring in Computer Science, National University of Singapore


Nguyen Duc Quy


I had been with EIS for three years until I graduated in Grade 12. EIS has taught me a lot, but the most important lesson was that I have learned how to solve a problem and overcome challenges. After graduating from EIS, I am now a freshman at Utica College in New York. I am majoring in Cybersecurity, specialising in Cyber Crime and Fraud Investigation and expect to graduate in 2022.


Ju Hye Moon


I was able to work freely in various fields at EIS, such as social studies, politics and science, as well as in the arts.

As part of the IB curriculum, I was given opportunities to plan events and encourage students to participate, so I was able to easily determine my career path in light of my experience. Our teachers were strict at first because they helped students create environments to take charge of their learning and activities, but now that I think about it, it helped me understand the qualities of a true leader. Thanks to the many experiences I had at EIS, I have confidence in myself and am proud to be in a college in the UK.

Ju Hye Moon, Fashion Accessories and Textile Futures, Ravensbourne University in London


Thong Nguyen


Thong Nguyen is an EIS graduate (Class of 2019. He returned to EIS in November 2020 to represent the American University of Bulgaria at the Careers Fair, where he is currently a student.

He shared his experiences of studying abroad and the impact of COVID-19 on his student life with learners in years 11 and 12. We wish Thong all the best in his future endeavours!



Mark Rees


There is no "best thing" about EIS; there are a number of elements that make the school unique.

The first is the IB continuum from the PYP to the MYP and the DP. This singular focus on the IB curriculum allows students to develop and hone their approach to learning critical skills.

The continuum also ensures that students are not just acquiring content knowledge but gain emotional, behavioural, cognitive, and self-management skills that are crucial to both academic and life success. Additionally, the school setting offers a unique learning space with multiple villas joined by paths and greenery, where trees and flowers abound. The physical environment is calming, beautiful and conducive to learning. The other element that is a key strength of EIS is its community involvement. Parents and community members are often seen on campus engaging with each other and taking the time to talk about the day's events or plan a school event.

Though not unique to EIS, the final element is a focus on systematic, continuous improvement. The accreditation by the Council of International Schools is one outward sign of this. However, internally, the school community, teachers, parents, students, and staff have a long-term focus on improving student learning and experience. Each year gets better than the last, and the school continues to thrive.


Jennifer Kieran


Working at EIS and being part of this wonderful community of staff, students, and their families has been a happy and memorable experience - one that I will treasure and never forget.


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