Settling into EIS

At EIS, all new students are warmly welcomed throughout the academic year. New starters at the school settle in and make friends quickly due to the supportive, safe, and family-style atmosphere faculty members cultivate on campus. Upon arrival at EIS, new students are assigned a "buddy" from their homeroom to assist with orientation and the school timetable. Along with teachers and the Pastoral Service, the buddy is part of a support system to familiarise students with the school environment. Parents' involvement in the school is welcomed via our supportive Parent Classroom Representatives and Parent Council. Parents can communicate easily with Homeroom Teachers and support staff, who will assist with any queries. At EIS, there is strong parental involvement throughout the school, enabling a smooth transition for students in their first few weeks. The openness of our educational village ensures that all new students and their families feel welcomed and part of our community as soon as they arrive on campus.

Our friendly and dedicated Admissions Team is happy to provide further information on any of the programmes or services we offer at EIS. Please contact them via the enquiry form for assistance with the administrative requirements, which must be completed before your child's first day at school.

 The School has partnered with suppliers across a broad range of industries in Ho Chi Minh City and other parts of Vietnam. To enjoy the special promotions available to our community, visit our Friends and Family Special Membership Deals  page, which features a complete list of offers.

Connect with our Admissions Team

Ms. Khanh Nguyen

Admissions Manager
Cell phone: (+84) 906 842 363
Languages: Vietnamese and English

Ms. Jihyeon Hwang

Head of Korean Admissions
Cell phone: (+84 28) 7300 7257
Languages: Korean and English

Ms. Lan Anh Vu

Senior Admissions Executive
Cell phone: (+84) 932 817 583
Languages: Vietnamese, German and English


An Hyeon Jeong
Class of 2017

"We were always together. It was so fun and I was so happy with our Grade 12 friends. Everyone had helped me when I couldn’t catch up the conversation and class. I was very grateful to everyone. Every moment was precious."

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Manning Family
From New Zealand

"Our son Lucian is now in his second year at EIS, in Early Years, and loves it! EIS offers top quality education while maintaining a fantastic community feel."

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Chunwei Family
From China

" EIS 是一所能提供从幼儿园到高中完整IB课程的国际学校,课程衔接好。  小班教学和英语帮助课程,特别适合转学 插班学生;让孩子尽快提高英文水平,适应新学校教学。EIS 虽然规模不大 但孩子可以拥有更多的机会,参与到各种竞赛和实践活动中, 我女儿在MUN (模拟联合国)活动中 锻炼了演讲和口头表达能力,沟通技巧及团队合作精神, 这些是中国高中暂时无法提供的。"

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Kliegl Family
From Europe

"When I decided to write some comments about the European International School, I first thought that it would be the easiest task ever. I was wrong. It took me literally a month before being able to put into words my admiration and profound gratitude for this school. I couldn’t decide where to begin with."

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Sato Family
From Japan

できる優しい環境だと思います. And our son says EIS is the best school in the world, all teachers are
so lovely!!"