Fees Summary

Tuition fees may be paid in full at the start of the academic year. Alternatively, parents and guardians may arrange a payment plan whereby fees are paid in 2 or 4 instalments. Please note that those who opt for the instalment plan may be subject to additional charges.

Please view the information below for the school's fee schedule 2024-2025, additional costs, and payment dates.


Annual Payment (VND) 268,200,000


Kindergarten 1:

Annual Payment (VND) 296,100,000

Kindergarten 2:

Annual Payment (VND) 308,300,000



Annual Payment (VND) 464,100,000


Grade 1:

Annual Payment (VND) 539,800,000

Grade 2:

Annual Payment (VND) 557,700,000


Grade 3:

Annual Payment (VND) 575,400,000


Grade 4:

Annual Payment (VND) 581,000,000


Grade 5:

Annual Payment (VND) 587,700,000


Grade 6:

Annual Payment (VND) 616,600,000


Grade 7:

Annual Payment (VND) 625,500,000


Grade 8:

Annual Payment (VND) 635,600,000


Grade 9:

Annual Payment (VND) 671,200,000


Grade 10:

Annual Payment (VND) 703,300,000


Grade 11:

Annual Payment (VND) 739,000,000


Grade 12:

Annual Payment (VND) 739,000,000


Fees are payable at the start of the academic year. Please speak to the Admissions Team for further information about the tuition fee instalment plan.

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