European International School Ho Chi Minh City (EIS) welcomes students of all nationalities who would benefit from our educational programme and whose parents share the school’s Mission and Objectives.

Admission is granted to a student when it has been determined that the School has an appropriate programme and resources to meet that individual’s learning needs. Applications for both immediate and future entry are considered at any time throughout the year.

The birth date cut-off for placement in a particular grade is the 31 August in the academic year (commencing in August) of admission. The child must have turned the appropriate age on or prior to the 31 August for the grade in question.

Fees & Tuition

FRIENDLY TIP: When comparing fees between different schools, always check on ‘hidden’ add-on costs such as field trips, after-school activities, stationery, and annual capital development fees. We try to include as many ancillary services into our annual tuition fees, wherever possible. 


Annual Payment 2021 - 2022 (VND)



Kindergarten 1


Kindergarten 2




Grade 1


Grade 2


Grade 3


Grade 4



Annual Payment 2021 - 2022 (VND)

Grade 5


Grade 6


Grade 7


Grade 8


Grade 9


Grade 10


Grade 11


Grade 12


When considering the most important decision factors – i.e. a high quality of education (evidenced by outstanding IB Diploma results), validation of quality by external accreditation/affiliation organisations (the Council of International Schools and the East Asian Region Council of Schools), the best curriculum in the world (we are IB all the way throughout all grades), world-class teachers (experts in their respective fields), ample age-appropriate facilities, convenience, and the bundled cost of services (we include the cost of after-school activities, external field trips and other various services within our fees) – we truly believe that when you perform a ‘proper’ side-by-side comparison, that EIS represents the very best value for money available in HCMC. 

But this should not be the main reason for selecting a school! Rather, we can also boast to having the best ‘diversity’ among foreigner-focused international schools, a 100% pass rate for our IB Diploma Class of 2020, with the highest average IB Diploma scores in HCMC (among the non-selective schools) for two years running. 

Choosing EIS provides your child with a superior academic school, without the hefty price tag of the other premium schools. 

Please see our tuition fees for 2021-2022 and payment policy here

Our IB Diploma Class of 2020 achieved a 100% pass rate, with the average point of 35, 17% higher than the world average score. 47% of our graduates were offered university scholarships of over 1.5 million USD. We also have the highest average score among all non-selective international schools in Saigon for two years in a row.    

The following services are included in the tuition fees:


Loan of textbooks


Most stationery in Early Childhood and Primary grades


Selected after-school activities and sports programmes


Most field trip costs for Grades 3-11 


Curriculum-related day trips


Student accident insurance


Limited English language support

Application Fee
VND 4.5 million (per student). This is a one-time payment, non-refundable, required at the time that the application is submitted, and prior to the processing of any placement assessments.

Acceptance Fee (Admission Fee)
One-time payment, non-refundable, required upon acceptance of enrolment
Early Childhood: Toddler – Kindergarten (1 & 2): VND 20 million per student | PreSchool: VND 40 million per student
Grade School: Grade 1 - Grade 10: VND 40 million per student | Grade 11 - Grade 12: VND 32 million per student

Where the School offers a half-day study/attendance option, and based on availability, the annual tuition fee will be charged at 70% of the full-day programme.

For convenience only, the School offers a payment plan option:

Four times per year:

  • First year: Upfront Acceptance Fee + 4 instalments per year, subject to a 10% surcharge
  • Subsequent years: Re-enrolment Deposit + 4 instalments per year, subject to a 10% surcharge

• Ten times per year: 

  • Re-enrolment Deposit + 10 instalments per year, subject to a 12% surcharge

Parents that wish to use these options expressly agree that they are responsible for payment of the entire academic year, and that the instalment dates are provided for convenience only.

Annual Canteen Food Fees
Early Childhood: Toddler – Kindergarten (1 & 2) – Preschool: VND 18 million per student (compulsory)
Grade School: Grade 1 – Grade 12: VND 20 million per student (optional)

School Bus
Variable according to distance (per student, per year, for round trip and available for children from 3 years old). 60% charged for the second child (and additional children) in same family. Interested parents should contact the School’s Admissions Department as early as possible, as space is limited on certain bus routes.

Uniforms and other accessories are available for purchase at School Shop.

'Early Bird' Discount (EBD)
1.5% deduction is available for payments made, in full, of the whole-year Annual Tuition Fee, if paid on or before 30th April.

Family Benefits
• 5% discount on annual tuition fee for the 2nd (younger) child.

• 10% discount on annual tuition fee for the 3rd (youngest) child and each subsequent child. 

• 50% waiver of Acceptance Fee for the 2nd child.

• 100% waiver of Acceptance Fee for the 3rd (youngest) child and each subsequent child.

• Discounts are applied for the youngest children in all cases.

The ‘Early Bird’ and Family Benefits discounts mentioned above are cumulative per student, however in all cases, the total discount shall not exceed 12% per student per year (as a percentage of annual tuition fees).

Date of first attendance Percentage of Annual Fee Payable
Attendance begins within the first 3 weeks of Term 1 100%
Attendance begins after the first 3 weeks of Term 1 90%
Attendance begins any time in Term 2 75%
Attendance begins any time in Term 3 65%
Attendance begins any time in Term 4 30%

• No refunds are available for parents that pay by instalment payment plan for any reason.

• To withdraw a student, parents must complete and submit a Withdrawal Notification Form to the Admissions Office at least 60 days prior to the student’s last day at school. Please note:

1. The Tuition fee due, and any Refund due, is calculated based on the last day of attendance of the student.

2. If the required 60-day notice period is not provided, then the last day of attendance shall be deemed to be 60 days after the completed Withdrawal Notification Form is submitted to the School. All calculations shall be calculated based on this deemed last day of attendance.

3. The notification method must be by the use of the official Withdrawal Notification Form. Verbal notification, email notification or any other form of notification will not be accepted.

• Because discounts are provided for students enrolled for a full academic year, early withdrawal will result in discounts being removed entirely in the year of withdrawal, except for those families included within an authorized group.

• The calculation for the Tuition Fee due for the final year of attendance (the year of withdrawal) is as follows:

Date of early withdrawal (i.e. last day of attendance
or deemed attendance) and/or cancellation of service
% of Annual Tuition, Meal Service and/or Bus Service Payable
Last day of attendance: prior to the 1st day of School 5%
Last day of attendance: any time in Term 1 35%
Last day of attendance: any time in Term 2 65%
Last day of attendance: any time in Term 3 85%
Last day of attendance: any time in Term 4 100%

Note: There are no refunds available for the Bus or Meal service for temporary absences (i.e. field trips, family holidays, and sickness).

Payment Deadlines
Parents are responsible for ensuring that all fees are paid before the required deadlines. This responsibility cannot be assigned to a company. In the event of non-payment of the applicable fees, the School reserves the right to charge a penalty of 12% per annum of the outstanding fee, calculated daily. If no payment is made 30 days after the due date, the student may be excluded from School.

Issuing Reports
Two report transcripts are provided free of charge on withdrawal (provided that all fees have been paid). VND 1,000,000 is payable for each additional copy of reports and/or transcripts.

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