European International School Ho Chi Minh City (EIS) welcomes students of all nationalities who would benefit from our educational programme and whose parents share the school’s Mission and Objectives.

Admission is granted to a student when it has been determined that the School has an appropriate programme and resources to meet that individual’s learning needs. Applications for both immediate and future entry are considered at any time throughout the year.

The birth date cut-off for placement in a particular grade is the 31 August in the academic year (commencing in August) of admission. The child must have turned the appropriate age on or prior to the 31 August for the grade in question.

Fees & Tuition

Below is the fee schedule for the European International School Ho Chi Minh City (EIS).

New Entry Fees

Administration Fee 

VND 4,500,000
A one-time, non-refundable Administration Fee (Application Processing Fee) to be paid upon submission of the Application Form and before processing any placement assessements.   
Registration Fee  
A one-time, non-refunable Registration Fee (Admission Fee) to be paid upon acceptance of enrolment. The Registration Fee is due in the first year only. It is non-refundable and non-transferable.  

Toddler – Kindergarten – Pre-School 

VND 16,000,000

Grades 1-12 

VND 32,000,000

Annual Fees - Academic year 2019-2020

EIS charges an annual Tuition Fee for each student per academic year, payable in full or on a termly or monthly basis in advance upon receipt of enrolment confirmation by the school.

Grade DATE OF BIRTH Annual Payment (VND) 
TODDLERS  1/9/2016-31/8/2017 218,880,000
KINDERGARTEN 1 1/9/2015-31/8/2016 234,300,000
KINDERGARTEN 2 1/9/2014-31/8/2015 291,200,000
PRE-SCHOOL 1/9/2013-31/8/2014 344,000,000
GRADE 1 1/9/2012-31/8/2013 425,800,000
GRADE 2 1/9/2011-31/8/2012 425,800,000
GRADE 3 1/9/2010-31/8/2011 436,700,000
GRADE 4 1/9/2009-31/8/2010 443,800,000
GRADE 5 1/9/2008-31/8/2009 443,800,000
GRADE 6 1/9/2007-31/8/2008 482,900,000
GRADE 7 1/9/2006-31/8/2007 482,900,000
GRADE 8 1/9/2005-31/8/2006 482,900,000
GRADE 9 1/9/2004-31/8/2005 536,300,000
GRADE 10 1/9/2003-31/8/2004 548,400,000
GRADE 11 1/9/2002-31/8/2003 585,700,000
GRADE 12 1/9/2001-31/8/2002 585,700,000

Tuition Fees include one-to-one student laptop provision (from Grade 3), loan of text books, stationery in Early Childhood and Primary grades, selected after-school activities and sports programs, 'Week Without Wall' field trips (Grades 3-11 - fully covered or heavily subsidized, cirriculum-related day trips, student accident insurance, limited English language support.


1. Half-day Programmes

Where the School offers a half-day study/attendance option, and based on availability annual tuition fee will be charged at 70% of the full-day programme. 

2. Payment Plans

For convenience, the School offers two payment plan options:

  • By-term (Reservation Fee 5% + 4 payments per year, subject to a 10% surcharge); or
  • By-month (over 10 months, subject to 12% surcharge).

Parents that wish to pay the school fees using one of the School's authorised payment plans must sign a separate agreement with the School. 

3. Meals

  • Early Childhood (Toddler - Kindergarten - Pre-School): VND 18 million per student per year (compulsory)
  • Grade School (Grade 1 - Grade 12): VND 20 million per student per year (optional) 

4. School Bus

Variable according to distance (per student, per year, for round trip and available for children from 3 years old). 60% charged for the second child (and additional children) in same family. Interested parents should contact the School's Admissions Department as early as possible, as space is limited on certain bus routes. 

5. Uniforms

Uniforms and other accessories are available for purchase at School Shop.


1. 'Early Bird' Discount (EBD)

2% deduction is available for payment made, in full, of the whole-year Annual Tuition Fee, if paid on or before 30th April each year. 

2. Family Benefits

  • 5% discount on annual tuition fee for the 2nd (younger) child.
  • 10% discount on annual tuition fee for the 3rd child or subsequent children.
  • 100% waiver of Registration Fee for the 2nd child and subsequent children.
  • Discounts are applied for the youngest children in all cases. 

NB: The 'Early Bird' and Family Benefits discounts mentioned above are cumulative per student, however in all cases, the toal discount shall not exceed 12% per student per year (as a percentage of annual tuition fees).

More payment information can be found here. 

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