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Welcome to the European International School Ho Chi Minh City (EIS), one of the few fully accredited International Baccalaureate (IB) Continuum Schools in Vietnam offering three dedicated IB programmes – Primary Years (PYP), Middle Years (MYP) and Diploma (DP).

EIS Vision Narrative in full

Our Vision Narrative in full is available in English, German, Korean and Vietnamese


EIS is an educational village. It is a boutique school that listens to its community, is confident in its vision, is uniquely innovative and boldly different to the majority of schools in the city. EIS graduates are independent, collaborative, open-minded and creative thinkers who have the skills and courage to risk new ideas to stretch the limits of their ability. EIS empowers individuals to make a positive impact on the world. 

EIS is an English medium and co-educational school which celebrates its diverse and globally-minded families from a variety of countries. Students are prepared for life after school be it for tertiary studies at quality universities across Europe and the rest of the world or other forms of post-school learning.

We are a contemporary and progressive school, delivering the International Baccalaureate (IB) Continuum which we believe is dynamic, inquiry based and in line with best-practice recommendations drawn from current educational research and teaching methodologies. We aim to be a leading IB school in the region. EIS is a Council of International Schools member and aims to be accredited in 2019. The accreditation process supports the school through providing a rigorous quality assurance system and informs the school’s strategic planning.

EIS has clearly articulated learning principles designed to support effective teaching and learning. They are informed largely by the research of John Hattie (Visible Learning) and Robert Marzano (Classroom instruction that Works 2001 and Awaken the Learner 2014). The goals describe both what the students will learn and how this impacts on practice. First and foremost, EIS understands that students learn best in an environment where they feel safe and secure, able to take the initiative, try new activities, take risks and make mistakes. As such, the learning environment is characterized by being nurturing and respectful of learners and educators.

We know too, that learners benefit from the interaction with other learners so this is encouraged and developed throughout their schooling. Although high standards are set for students, the challenge is at an appropriate level to stretch them without overstretching and through building on prior knowledge and understanding. Students are further empowered through understanding the purpose of learning so, to this end, they learn about effective goal setting, are encouraged to engage in meaningful and intentional practice, and are provided with opportunities to reflect on their learning with the support of timely and targeted feedback. Our academic programme is concept and skills driven so that students learn how to use, construct meaning from and think critically about the knowledge and information that surrounds them today. 

EIS values the benefits that can be derived from connections and collaborations within our region and with the wider community. We recognise that there is strength in working with other schools and school networks, professional organisations and social networks. This happens through sports, academic programmes, social organisations, professional communities and cultural exchanges. Participation in all of these areas supports our goal of helping students to be balanced, internationally and interculturally minded critical thinkers. 

EIS seeks to cultivate a spirit of innovation. We believe innovation is fundamental to effective teaching and learning in today’s world, as it prepares students for a rapidly changing society. To achieve this goal EIS encourages students, teachers and the broader community to try new and imaginative approaches to professional practice and personal growth. All members of the community are encouraged to investigate, research and propose original and leading edge practices and initiatives that promote achievement and community wellbeing. 

Our educational village values the diverse contributions that are made by the community, families and individuals to our supportive and happy learning environment. We appreciate the academic and social advantages for students and teachers in an educational setting where parental involvement is encouraged. Global citizenship is a core value for our school and connectedness to our local and wider community allows us to further foster intercultural awareness, compassionate empathy and intellectual curiosity. EIS believes that every individual can make a difference and has a responsibility to improve the lives of people and the environment around them. We want our students to be conscious of their fortunate circumstances and to use their learning and experiences as a force for good. 

Our multi-lingual community enjoys learning languages because they understand the role they play in appreciating individual cultural identity, promoting intellectual growth and providing intercultural awareness. We enthusiastically support the safeguarding of home languages and the acquisition of new languages as a core value of our school. We believe that a propensity to language acquisition (which can be established even in very young students) and an understanding of why  language is such a treasured element of culture, are attributes that will allow students to flourish in and contribute to a multi-cultural world. 

At EIS, staff are passionate about education. Our teachers’ goal is to exceed the expectations of their students. We recruit internationally minded and experienced educators who are caring, creative, fun and innovative. EIS invests in professional development and provides opportunities for academic staff to explore and share new approaches to teaching and learning. Teaching staff are qualified for, and committed to, the delivery of our robust, transdisciplinary/interdisciplinary curriculum. Sustained academic rigor is a core classroom value amongst teachers at EIS. It sits alongside fostering innovation and creativity as essential strategies that allow individual students to make consistent progress and experience intellectual development in their own unique ways. 

EIS has an inclusive and responsible enrolment policy. We aim to create a learning environment in which every child can thrive. We are committed to a growth mindset approach, which promotes the concept that positivity, engagement and challenge will allow all students to experience praise for improvement and progress, thus providing the motivation for students to face further challenges with perseverance and resilience. In other words, whatever challenges we identify, if we feel we can engage, support and motivate a child towards making progress in their educational achievements, we welcome them at EIS and will be committed to the undertaking. 

Currently at around 430 students, the school will grow to around 650 students. The size of the school is significant in maintaining a strong community feel where everyone is valued and well-known. No child is overlooked or left behind. The proposed size enables the school to offer a variety of options at a depth that is appropriate and flexible, whilst maintaining an environment where children can be recognised for their achievements and offered genuine responsibility for building our community. EIS is a financially responsible and sustainable school which invests in the long term future of the school. 

We aim to provide educational facilities of a high quality and we value age appropriate, purpose driven, intimate physical environments for our students. The EIS campus’ low-rise buildings, connected by beautiful garden surroundings, are each adapted to provide excellent learning spaces. Being in touch with nature and interacting with our natural environment, enables us to cultivate the calm and healthy atmosphere that our entire community values so highly. EIS appreciates the educational and psychological benefits of moving between and experiencing different learning spaces throughout the day. We aim to excel in our learning spaces and our specialist facilities. 

This is our Educational Village.

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